wpo @ arnold

just got back it was fucking awesome…man every one kicked ass. garry frank was amazing first man ever to total 2700…goggins did awesome set the all time 242 total record…matt smith and paul childress were awesome also…paul’s last deadlift was insperational as he set a new total world record for a heavy weight…bill crawford benched a easy 800 at 275 and gene rylecheak won the bench only meet with a 872 bench…mendelson bombed in the mid 900’s…damn it was fun as hell though…bm

I thought that mendelson retired???

Glad you had a good time. I was sitting here Friday evening wishing I had flown out.

Could you describe, briefly, what the PL meet was like in terms of lighting, sound, announcers…how fluid was the competition? Did they run one platform, or more? Did they jam tunes and if so, did the announcer speak over them or fade them to talk…

As a spectator, other than the lifters, what were you most impressed with? What did you think could have been done better.

We are really trying to raise the caliber of meets we are holding and I just have an interest in your perception of this level of a production.


Apwsearch…dude the intensity of the meet was awesome…the music was kick ass and loud as each competitior picked his own song…it was by far the most awesome meet i have ever seen…special lighting and it was dark in there with huge tv’s over head that you could watch…it was truly a professional event…the only problem was time the times each event were suppossed to take place were rally fucked up…the dl didnt ennd until near 8pm with the squating takeing place at 930am…the times got messed up becuase the bench only meet was in the main expo stage and and like a hour before the meet sylvester stallone walked through the expo and a huge mob souroounded him for almost 2 hours causing massive time delays…but other than that it was amazing a true professional event…it gave me mad goosebumps and chills…bm