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WPF World Champs: 6 Weeks Out

I apologise in advance for a post that is blatantly self indulgent but I just had on of THOSE training sessions. You know the ones where everything goes perfect and PR’s fall left, right and centre?? Well today was one of those days.

I hit my highest ever raw (beltless too) squat today, and not only that, but I did it for 3 reps too. 190kg/420lb

I smashed my wrapped 3 rep PR too. It had been 190kg/420lb which I hit in June coming up to the comp I qualified for the world champs in (and squatted 272.5kg/600lb at). I did 210kg/465lb x3 with loads left in the tank. I’m really on course for a big squat now, I had been gunning for a PR of some sort, but now I 285kg/630lb is definitely on the cards.

Finally, I hit a rack pull PR of 240kg/530lb x5 from below my knees today. My previous best was something like 230kg x3.

ALL ON THE SAME DAY!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Here’s a vid of the day; http://ie.youtube.com/watch?v=evSoy5UhM5Y

While I’m at it, I hit a shirted bench PR yesterday too, 170kg/375lb 3x3. Here’s a vid of the second set; http://ie.youtube.com/watch?v=Ev5ENytzjk4

Once again, sorry for the ego-manical posting, but I’m on a serious high right now.

Oh and bodyweight’s at 100kg/220lb on the button right now too.

Good lifting bro.Squats in the knee wraps and belt still lots there, rack pulls looked easy and the bench looked super easy with lots of speed.No need to apologize, nothing better than setting a PR, let alone three PR’s in one training session!

nicely done!


Some nice lifts there Hanley. Well done!!

Looking real solid! Gotta love those workouts when everything feels light. Good luck with the comp :slight_smile:

Looking very solid.

Damn man.

You have some serious momentum going

Awesome lifts

good work man

Congrats man. The only thing better than setting a pr is setting multiple ones in the same session!


Great job!


Haha good work bud, nice bench. You’ll be as strong as me someday :wink:

Nice work man, looking strong!

'grats on the PR’s

fuckin’ fantastic high lasts the rest of the day

you always do rack-pulls belted ?