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WPF/APF Raw Category?


I am looking at getting my feet wet with my first contest here in a couple of months. It is an APF sponsored meet, does anyone know if they have a raw category? A quick glance at their website didnt really clear it up for me.

I know it is probably a stu[id question, but this whole idea of 22-50 Different competitive organizations, all with their own little tweaks and rules is confusing as shit to me right now as a relative outsider.


Even if they don't have a raw category, you can still compete raw in any category. The limitations for gear are a maximum, not a minimum. As long as you have a singlet, you should be good to go.


thanks, thats what i figured, right now I am more confused as to what category of the APF to get a membership for, they have WPC, APF and AAPF memberships.
On a side note, and if it has been discussed before, let me know and Ill find the thread, but how much do people on here think that all these different org. and standards hurt the sport as opposed to having one unified orginization.


I have done 2 bench only competitions in the APF, both raw. The difference in APF and the AAPF is one is not drug tested , and one is.


I like having the millions of feds. I live out in the fucking sticks and still only have to drive 10 minutes to compete in a state meet. I doubt a unified fed would care to have any sort of organization up here, and instead I would have to travel a ton to compete, which would just limit my ability and desire to do so.

I don't care what other people in other feds are doing. Someone could be squatting 1/8 of an inch in a robocop suit, as long as it's what makes them happy, good on them.


I agree with pwnisher....the SPF holds meets in Arkansas and Mississippi, very rarely are there any other feds here. I like having the SPF cause otherwise I wouldnt get to compete without ridiculous amounts of travel.