Hey guys, I got my Surge a couple of days ago. It was on backorder but finally arrived. I usually don’t feel much after taking supplements but this one i definitely felt. I woke up at 9am, drank an N-large Shake. Started lifting at 12pm on an empty stomach. When I finished I went dowstairs to have a surge. It tastes amazing!!!
After a couple of minutes I start feeling it. The muscle groups i worked started getting this cool refreshing feeling. As if something cold was running through my veins in those areas. And I got a bit light headed as well. it’s definitely a great product, but I hope GNC starts stocking it, because Custom and shipping charges really kill me.

hey subhuman havent seen u on the mens health forum in a while. anyways i tried surge today for the first time and had the exact same exsperince. i even liked the taste alot more than grow(havent tasted advanced protein yet)

Yah man i’m not a big fan of spending my free time on forums. I like to scroll through this one from time to time. Plus Mens Health annoys the hell out of me with their junk mail full of advertisements heh.

SubHuman I take it you are in Canada by the Customs remark. There are a few companies in Canada that sell Biotest stuff at great prices. You can even buy single quantities if you want. I buy my Biotest stuff from Renegade Nutrition, good prices, cheap delivery and they deliver their stuff on time unlike some other place on the east coast which I won’t name, right Rob.