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I apologize if this isn’t really about training, but I feel it belongs in this category. Today I was sitting in Economics(I’m still in high school), and pulled out the latest paper copy of T-mag, and suddenly 2 of my friends both start laughing uncontrollably. They were laughing that there was a “Testosterone” magazine. In perfect follow up they proclaimed that they were both on the Atkin’s diet and were going to Tia’s for lunch to eat Caso. Now i’m not one to start debates with people about topics in which they show obvious ignorance, so I simply munched on my Tuna patties and waited for the bell to ring so I could do my sprint workout, and bang out some Power-cleans from blocks. But damnit during my workout today I felt just a little stronger, a little faster, and a hell of alot more open and informed. If anyone else has had experiences similar to this just write them down here, just a little feather in all of our caps for everyone to share.

You’re in high school and you’re sprinting, power-cleaning from blocks, eating well (sounds like) and reading T-Mag.

God, I wish I could’ve been where you are in HS.

Just keep on readin’ & learning, man. You’re on the road at a lot earlier age than most of us. Keep it up.

Fuck. Me too. Nice work, bro.

Apology accepted.

Although now that you woke us up, you shouldve brought us good news. We dont want to hear about how you ALMOST punched someone. Heck I almost punched a bunch of guys myself. 

Next time do appease us and kick the living shit out of the motherfucker. Then, you may count your pearls and tell us your stories tongue in cheek. That is, right after you get out of jail, of course.

Who cares about your dumb peers? Good workout, man. I wish I could have a kick ass workout now. (Too full for workout right now)

Your definately ahead of the game Motha, keep on keepin’ on