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Wow, THIS is What I Would Call High Volume


Just read in a magazine this routine Roelly Winklaar was suggesting to a guy trying to gain size. Curious what everyone thinks about this. He also says this is his routine, but he probably has better methods of "recuperation"... What do you guys think about a natural lifter trying something with that much volume? or is that normal, and just seems weird to me because I have typically done much lower volume. I would imagine a HUGE calorie intake to try to survive something like that.

Leg extensions: 2 sets of 20 reps to warmup
Hack Squats: 2 sets of 20 to warmup, 4 sets of 8 (work set)
leg press: 2 drop sets of 10, 10, and 10
leg extensions: 3 sets of 8-10

Lying leg curls: 2 sets of 15 for warmup, 4 work sets of 8 with hard squeeze at top
SLDL: 2 sets of 8
standing leg curls: 4 sets of 8
standing calf raise machine: 3X20 reps
seated calf raise machine: 3X20 reps

cable pushdowns: 1x20 reps warmup, 4x12,10,8,and 6 reps ramping
decline skull crushers: 4x6-8
kickbacks: 4x12
machine dips: 4x8-10

barbell curls: 1x20 warmup, 4x12,10,8,and 6 reps ramping
alternate incline db curls: 4x8
EZ bar curls: 4x6
preacher barbell curls: 4x8

Decline bench press: 2x15 warmup, 4x8 work set
flat db flyes: 2x8
30 degree incline flys: 2x8
incline dbpress: 4x12,10,8,6
superset with
incline smith machine press: 4x12,10,8,and 6 reps

Bent db raises: 1x20 warmup, 4x8
seated db press: 4x8
bb upright row: 4x12,10,8,6
superset with
side laterals: 4x12,10,8,6
bb shrugs: 4x8

same as mondays exercises, but heavy: 6-8 rep range

deadlifts: 3x10,8,6
t-bar or bb row: 3x10
cable rows, narrow grip: 2 drop sets of 8,8,8
cable rows, wide grip: 2 drop sets of 8,8,8

machine pullovers: 1x20 warmup, 3x10
reverse-grip pulldown: 3x10,8,6 ramping
pulldowns to front: 3x8
cable cobras: 2x12

"And now you can look just like the Dutch Beast!"

So what do you think about that shit?


I do

Back forearms AM/ Legs (inc calves) PM
Shoulders AM/ Triceps & Chest PM
Quads Hams AM/ Calves PM
Chest AM /Bis Tris Rear delts PM

I do this until I need a day off meaning that on the 5th day it's back to training my back again. Trying to work my way up until I hardly take any off days. For me the idea of training as hard as you can as often as you can is something I like very much. It also lets me use more volume on each session due to the fact that I can get a meal in between and when I come back even with the increased volume my sessions will only take an hour and a bit to finish.

If you've got the time to do it, I would definitely suggest it. Arnold would train some body parts upwards of 3-4x a week and he got some pretty good results doing that. As for the calories it's nothing too crazy, but it really depends on what you do because obviously everyone's metabolism/burn is going to be different. Try it out and see if it works, but I wouldn't suggest jumping to that right away but easing yourself in from what you are doing currently.


Ive seen people do a lot more volume then that plenty of times


I have trained like that in addition to sports, coming close to 4-5 hours of intense training a day. Wasn't optimal for strength or size gains, but it worked with enough food.


Look up Lee Priest's arm routine.
40 sets for arms. That's volume.


Not very high.


I guess I'm just not used to that type of routine, since ive been doing 5/3/1 with just a few accessory exercises. I guess the next thing ill experiment with should be a higher volume approach, and see how I respond to that.


Look into fst7


Good idea but I don't think it would be a good idea to hop on that routine if your used to 5/3/1


Haha, ya. I'm not saying I would do exactly that routine. I guess a good approach would be to add a set to each exercise in whatever program I choose until I'm at the desired volume?

So start out with a decent split, and then for chest for example, start out with maybe 2 sets per exercise. Add one set each week til im there. That sound right?


I don't think the volume is that high. I've tried a lot of different modes of training to "switch it up". I'm currently doing something like this:
(I change up the accessory lifts and the order)
Mon. jump rope for one minute in between shoulder sets
Barbell Shoulder Press 10 sets of 5
Lateral Raises 10 sets of 5
Face Pulls 3 sets 8-12
Superset Bis with Tris
rope tri extension 3 sets 8-12 then drop set the 4th set
hammer curl 3 sets 8-12 then drop set the 4th set
cable overhead extension 3 sets 8-12
concentration curl 3 sets 8-12
followed by quick cardio circuit:
farmer walk 1.5 minutes
jump rope for 1 minute
ab wheel until failure
pull ups til failure
repeat circuit 3 times
teach yoga

I don't want to repeat my whole program, but the rest of my split is...
teach a "silly" cardio strength class for an hour followed by teaching an hour of yoga
chest and back and teach yoga
chest and back


Maybe. I'd actually say just try HSS-100, the old CT program. Solid program, one of the very few BBing programs I liked over the years. Also one of the very few times I trained arms and enjoyed it. No matter what, if you increase the volume your poundages are going to take a hit because your body is unused to the stresses. However, it's fairly easy to adapt to if you're eating enough after about 3 weeks.

Honestly, I really think people seriously underestimate their recovery ability because the "shock factor" of how they feel after 2 weeks on high volume convinces them they can't do it. It's bullshit. But you have to stick with it to see the other side. You also have to a) eat a shit ton and b) take care of workout nutrition. If you don't do that, you can never recover from the volume.

Case in point--a powerlifter I train with. Great guy, strong as a bull. 800 lb squatter. But his idea of high volume is simply ridiculous. Numerous examples abound, but he is simply unwilling to take that 3-4 week hit to his top weights to reap the benefits of higher volume training. Also, this is exemplified in his approach to "conditioning". When we have dragged the sled, he's seriously ready to throw up after 5 round trips of forwards and backwards dragging for 40 yards. I'm in terrible condition to what I should be and that is a cakewalk for me to do. He doesn't want to do sled pressing exercises the day before his bench workouts because he is afraid that 24 hours isn't enough to recover from 5 measly trips with the sled.

Interestingly enough, he also never drinks protein shakes during or after workouts.

So, take care of your bases, and high volume works pretty easily. And well. Also, that original program is pretty low volume to me personally.


Thanks for the input everyone. When I switch things up ill make sure to find some more info about high(er) volume training through the oft neglected search function. But anything I cant answer Ill be sure to ask for feedback from the Nation. Thanks!!


It greatly depends on if all the working sets are taken to failure or how close to it...


Is that you in your avatar, Maym?

Looking great!




I think higher volume like this is probably really effective assuming proper nutrition and rest.


Thats me. I'm about 10 pounds heavier now as I'm trying to gain some size. My nutrition is pretty decent, a lot of protein. Its the sleep part that has been hurting my recovery.


German volume training has worked well for me in the past. I'm thinking about starting that back up. I'd like to do some local powerlifting meets this fall.


high 5

or is it high 7?