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Wow This Guy Got Pounded!


This guy complains about his wife online and she finds out about it.


She posts under his name on page two. That commences epic poundage.


where's the guy getting pounded in the...i mean...slowly backs out of thread


lol. you made me laugh, 2 points for you.


"Maybe when he feels like cuddling or getting a BJ his TL can oblige."




ahahaah every now and then I see this shit. Person A writes assumable anonymous blog and gets found out. Results vary but always awesome.


screw this to much reading involved!


^ Hot avatar




my first impression after reading this is that she is getting what she deserves. i know so many women who hook up with losers like this, then complain when, SURPRISE, they turn out to be just a big of a loser that they thought they would be.

can barley read/write-check
gangster/thug wanna-be-check

this it the type of man who women are attracted to these days, it excites them and it poses a challenge.
a decent humble responsible good guy would bore these women to tears and not get the time of day. the sad thing is that it will take them being shit on several times by dudes like this before they wise up and appreciate a good guy. unfortunately, by then they will be worn out-tired trash with multiple bastard children, and a decent guy will not have anything to do with.



^ truth

The best part is then the good respectable guys won't touch them because they all have bastard children and vagina that looks like a sandwich from Arby's.


x2 - this is the worst thread in T-Nation history.


LOL I decided to rep T-Nation and posted over there:

"Hey guys, first time poster here. I hope I'm putting this in the right place under "relationships, etc...". I just wanted to share my story with everyone. I don't own an Acura, but the story is Acura related and who knows, I may be a regular Acura driver soon.

Last week I met a new girl. Name is Rachel. We've been seeing each other as much as we can - I don't know if it's love, but it's definitely lust! Right now, we don't see each other much, but when we do, it's fireworks. Seems she just broke up with her BF and had been somewhat neglected for a while. So, after I gave her an oil check, I determined that her regularly scheduled maintenance had been sorely neglected - if you know what I mean :). First thing I did was change her oil and gave her a nice lube job if you get my drift. I gave her new spark plugs, a tune up and and an alignment. I inflated her to the correct pressure - in fact, she confided she had never been quite inflated that much in her life, but I assured her, this indeed is the correct pressure. My first drive with her was a bit spitting and sputtering - she hadn't been driven hard in a while, but now she's purring like a tiger and I can't wait to drive her again.

I can't tell you how great this girl is. She owns a pretty decent Acura, plus her own car. She's just so generous and unselfish. My car was in the shop last week and she offered to let me drive her Acura but, don't mention this to her, it has cheesy mods and I would have been embarrassed to drive it, but I really appreciated the gesture. She works 40 + hours a week, goes to school and has a wonderful little girl who is already telling me she loves me.

As great as all this sounds, I am troubled and I'm looking for some advice:

  1. I don't know anything about the father of the baby except that he may have been deported. I overheard a phone call where she was calling him a deadbeat dad, unemployed loser, etc. Should I worry about her own character for choosing a guy like this let alone allowing herself to become pregnant by such a gem?

  2. If I do decide to pursue a relationship with her, what do I do about this hideous Acura? This is an Acura forum, so all opinions are welcome. Can this thing be "unmodded". I'm not against performance mods and the like, but I don't want to look like a 17 year old gang banger crusing around the streets with a fart pipe announcing my every entrance. I have a real job and...dignity.

  3. The little girl loves me. She's adorable. But it's awkward. Should I allow myself to be a father figure to her? Is it cool if she calls me "daddy" because her biological donor isn't around?

  4. I heard the ex is a bouncer and threatens people - a general hothead. I'm really kind of worried. What if he comes around mouthing off and I hurt him? I'm wondering about the legal ramifications. I never fight over women, no matter how wonderful. Could I go to jail for hurting him or is it self defense. I heard some lawyers here. Just wondering.

That's all for now. I'm really torn and all advice is appreciated. I like this Rachel chick but should I pursue a relationship and ignore the red flags? Or, should I keep "tuning her up", drive the Acura, let the little girl call me Daddy, and disable the ex?"


LOL can you link us? I couldn't find the thread in their relationships section.

And who ever said Sundays can't be fun?


Lol, this paragraph is pure gold.




I have my moments. I'm not even well rested. LOL




X2! epic paragraph right there



dude i dont see it up. link?