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WOW ( The Fountain of Youth)

I’ve been a weight lifter (body builder) since I was 18,not pro , just because I felt better,it made my work easier (I do physical work) and life in general,my best years were in my early 30’s,I could bench 385 and squat 405, all naturally, at 5’10"195 lbs.

Long story short,the years roll by,I get into Judo for about 10 years on and off,then a little boxing,but always coming back to the weights.

About 2 years ago I’m really feeling punk my weight is up to 235 I’m drinking alot,not working out much,tired all the time,a struggle just to make it through the day,and depression which I masking with drinking alot,so I decide I’ve had it ,I’m really going to get back in shape,I join new gym,and hit it religously at least 4 days a week and I don’t play 4-5 sets ,12 reps of everything, medium to heavy weights and then 5-6 mile bicylce rides 2-4 times a week.

Well after a year and a half of that I did feel better but not great,an ocassional good pump feeling here and there,nothing like when I was younger,and the depression was still hanging around,thats when I really started reading about steroids and what they were all about,I’d always been too busy with my other interest to study them,well guess what ,I don’t have to tell you guys.

I went a doctor who advertised mens health,he did all the blood work and sure enough my Testoserone levels were in the toilet.he wanted to give me andro gel but I told him that with my life style the shots would be better,he prescribed 200 mg Test Cypionate every 2 weeks,but from everything I read,200 mg’s every week is just right ,(is it ever),thats what I’ve been taking.

I’m still getting used to it but I feel like I’m in my 30’s again (unbeliveable)
My next move now ism going to be Jintopin or one of the other hgh’s combined with the test.
More Later ,Thanks for reading.

That’s awesome. Congrats to you for getting back on track when it would have been so easy to continue to let yourself go like everyone else and whine about life over doughnuts. It’s also good to see that there are reasonable doctors out there who aren’t afraid to prescribe test when warranted.

it is nice to see people using them as intended and reaping the rewards.

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Cool story. thanks for sharing. I am glad you are doing better.

Thanks for the encouragement.

it is amazing what activating nuclear hormone receptors can do!

A buddy of mine is in a study of a long lasting Test that requires one shot every 3 months. He is only getting 750 mg but some are getting 1000mg and have better T numbers near the end of the 3 months. The study is about half over but looking very promising. I believe it is Undecolate.

It is approved in Europe, I think, and this is an FDA test group. He loves it! I will ask him who is makes the Test.

Nicely done. I’m glad to see you were able to up to 200mg of Cyp EW. That’s about as high a HRT level as I’ve ever seen but totally agree that Cyp must be injected weekly and not every 2 weeks.

Test certainly is the fountain of youth. Which is why we had so much during our teen years.

That’s great. I really like low doses. Eventually after I have kids or am done having kids I’m going to go on TRT. It really does improve the quality of life IMHO.