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Wow...Remain Silent



psycho nerd dude freaks out when cops taze him


hahah He got away.


haha he just jumps up and dusts their asses. lol


Does it take anybody else like 5 fucking minutes to make a post on this site?


still laughing.....someone forgot to be medicated or something.

God what ever happened to the good old asp beatings, ethier that or crank up the tazer?


That video was disappointing.


Are our officers that out of shape to not catch this guy? Or maybe they were freaked out by him and decided it was best to let him go.


Kind of sad when cops won't say what you are being charged with, just throw the cuffs on him, fuck his rights.

They won't comply with your question, of what you are being charged with but you not complying equals a taser and cuffs.


I have a feeling that it was staged. Look at the size of those two cops and then look how small the guy is. I somehow doubt that those two cops would struggle to hold that guy down.


I was thinking the same thing during most of the video.


I've seen 4-5 cops have hard time with a 150lb guy.......although he was hyped up on shrooms and angel dust. He thought he was being eaten by zombies..lol. The guy in that vid was probably on something himself.

Also keep in mind that the officer used the taser in "drive stun" mode. Which means pressing the taser onto the person without the cartridge on the end. Doing this only causes pain in the localized area in which its placed.....it doesn't incapacitate like being shot with probes. It becomes a matter of pain tolerance and we know how drugs can affect that.


He's being arrested for changing his name?


Im sorry, i got it wrong


This is true, and there are a lot of videos out there of guys being full on tasered and getting up and running off multiple times because they're on something.


That's what I thought.

Does anyone know the background on this story? I doubt the cops are arresting him for absolutely nothing.


ha ha, I was hoping he wasn't, because that would be even more humorous.

Somebody that tricked out naturally is awesomely funny.


To be honest, I was kinda rooting for him after the cop said, "What does it matter?" when the dude asked him what he was being arrested for. Not having an answer to that question = harassing police conduct. Also, if I heard right, the guy's wife was standing right there (possibly even the camera person). For some reason the makes me think he is more credible.


I wonder what his wife is like, and how (if they've realised they can yet) have sex.


Ha, that was hilarious...made the cops look pretty dumb there.


Umm, I thought you have the right to know what charges are being laid against you, therefore technically don't they have to tell him what he's being arrested for?