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Wow Matt Kroc got Hyoooooooge



wow even with his tricep injury and surgery, matt kroc has managed to get freakishly huge.


Yeah I saw the pic earlier today and I was like damn


He's got to be AT LEAST 260 right now. Is he still going 242?



Photoshop and steroids...at the same time.


Photoshop - debatable
Steroids - who cares?



Psh. its all non functional filler muscle, a 130lb mma fighter would tear him up.



[quote]DixiesFinest wrote:
Psh. its all non functional filler muscle, a 130lb mma fighter would tear him up.

Cause that has so much to do with him being huge.


Everyone cares.


Challenge accepted!


Not a strong start.


Don't forget synthol of course :slightly_smiling:


i like how Tate looks small in that pic


Really now. Elaborate please? I'd be interested to learn about who cares whether he's natural or not, and I know that he isn't.



Why is T-Nation the only site where people can't pick up on sarcasm?

But yea, freaky size, especially post surgery.


Creatine in his sock, also I refuse to comment on his size until he's holding up a shoe for scaling purposes.


Exactly what I was thinking.

Hilarious, though. Three people made jokes and got jumped on? Lol.


you give a guy that size 6 months of mma training or wrestling training. he would eat up any guy that light a weight. remember, guys that size curl guys that size for reps. if they had any kind of wrestling behind them, forget about it.


Lifting weights = serious business. No sense of humor allowed.


Which makes it all the more puzzling why Shelby apparently convinced Matt NOT to do Jr Nats this year because Kroc had actually gone backwards since this time last year - can't find the spill where he said that, so I'm not sure of his exact words, but someone was talking about the progress PLers make as BBers and Shelby said Kroc hadnt made any - again, cant rememebr the exact words, but that was teh sentiment


I think he said one of his goals in bodybuilding was to put on muscle and bump up a weight class.