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Wow Lyle McDonald Sounds like Professor X

Even though I am 34 years old and have lifted for a few years/decade, I really am just a beginner / noobie and pathetic. I thought Lyle was just a diet guy but I was wrong again (I am slow/dumb).

"Another aspect of the bodybuilding vs. powerlifting issue is food intake; bodybuilders are often so obsessed with staying super lean year round that they simply won’t eat enough.

And they don’t grow. As I described in General Philosophies of Muscle Gain, I think natural bodybuilders will generally grow best by allowing a slight fat gain."

"I want to make the point that the primary stimulus for muscle growth is progressive tension overload; that is, you must subject a muscle to progressive overload (primarily in the form) of lifting more weight over time. This is discussed in more detail in Reps Per Set for Optimal Growth.

Other factors such as volume/fatigue/work (and frequency) are clearly important but, simply, if you’re not getting stronger (and here I’m assuming that you’re not changing your form to handle more weight) over time, along with providing sufficient calories and building blocks, you’re not growing."

I wonder where I read that info from before in this forum?

I will still continue with my diet because of health reasons (blood pressure, diabetes that run in my family), but once I am done I will eat mostly clean and BIG and, dare I say it cheat once in a while.