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Wow, I've Been Doing it Wrong

So I’m fairly new to the site, been trying to read so many articles and forum discussions that I’m getting overwhelmed. Basically everything I thought I knew, have read in the past or broknowledge is completly wrong or outdated now. These HGH protocols by BBB caught my eye. I noticed most of the posts were from 2010. Are there any more recent articles or follow ups to his past articles?

I’m a 34 yr old male. I recently tapered off a lengthy mixed cycle. I started hGH sorta towards the end of my cycle, planning on making the off cycle a little easier and keep my gains a little easier. Figured running it throughout the summer wouldnt hurt, I’m finacially great for now.

I tapered down from 750 mg test cyp … lowered the dose by 100 mg per week until now… I’m going to keep doing 100 mg human grade test cyp per week and have been doing 2 iu’s of hGH upon awakening mon to fri. It’s been three weeks since ive been at this dose and I still feel great, strong and positive. Acne was minimal, doing 10mg aromasin EOD too and changed my training.

After reading for hours and hours on this site I know I have been doing it mostly wrong. I’m here to change this and know I will have to post pics and more detailed info for the future. I will start a new thread about myself to get the help I need. Where do I start?