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Wow, It's Easy To Go Through Money


I'm usually good at saving money. I always have been. However, since I found this site, I spent $100 dollars in the past 4 days. $33 on Surge, $33 on Grow!, and $34 on Starting Strength. Good investments, but still, $100 bucks for a 16 year old that doesn't have a job is a lot.

Do you find it easy to spend money, or are you conservative about your money? I feel kinda bad spending money, even if it's my own.


Buyers remorse. Try to wait until Biotest has a buy-one-get-one-free special, then you get a bit more bang for your buck.


I find saving money easy and fun believe it or not.


Shit, wait till you're sick and no gotty the health insurance.


Me too, I hate being in debt.

It feels really nice to have back up funds to rest on.


Just wait until you find cheap whores, cigars, and alcohol.


Spending money does suck. It especially sucks when you look in your wallet and can't remember where those $30. went.

Spending money also sucks when you're 15 and between jobs; buying some lunch is like 25% of your total funds.


my job right now is giving me no fucking hours. i never have money and i dont even spend it like that anymore. i bought like a phone and a gallon of milk and let my mom borrow 500 and next thing i know im fuckin broke, like "ahh i cant move my legs" broke


And income taxes.