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Wow. It Showed Up!

I must put my foot in my mouth on this one, the stuff I ordered like two months ago from overseas randomly showed up today and is real! Better late than never I guess.

I do not make a habbit of doing this and im aware of the risks but I had some people saying its not gonna work and some said its all they do so I thought what the hell and tried it and it worked! I will not recomend doing this as it is not legal or safe but it will in some cases work, food for thought.

Your excitement jumps off the screen. I am glad it worked out. Two months is an eternity!!

I recently ordered int’l too. There was an initial snag retrieving my money transfer and then everything came as ordered after about 2 weeks.

Everything looks very legit, Test E, hCG, Proviron. I still can’t be sure how potent the test E is since it has only been 1 week since I started my cycle. Unfortunately, it seems common for test to be underdosed and/or not necessarily correspond to what is on the label. In my case BD.

I hope your delivers a mule kick (meant in the most positive way)…

Thanks, this was just an experiment to see if it would show up so I had kinda forgoten about it but it was cool when it finally did! Again I would never recomend this method! To much risk.