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Wow is this sort of thing common?

Hi all, I can PL squat 450. But today i did high bar, Manta ray shoulder width stance squats off a 9 inch box. WOW i stunk… 345! and it was not an easy 345… Whats my weakness? BM i know u know!! haha


Yep… The Manta Ray is great for locking you in the proper groove for squatting since it distributes the weight more evenly across your back… I used to use it and have stopped since I don’t want it becoming a “psychological” crutch… I break it out now and then to vary my squat workouts.
The poundages lifted go down since you are using better form, at least IMO… Now even 275 lbs. really does feel heavier.

Keep using it, it should help with proper form.

Normally I wouldn’t say anything about your comment jaybvee, but since this question was posted in the power lifting and strength sports forum, I feel that I should. Calling a squat that uses a wider stance and a lower bar position bad form makes you look like an idiot in my opinion. I’m sure Goldberg and Big Martin could post lots of pictures of themselves doing squats with bad form for you if you’d like and I’m sure you can’t come anywhere near their poundage. So if you like to squat with your feet together with light weights with the bar resting across the back of your neck then go for it, but don’t say that doing it any other way is bad form, it’s just not true.

Actually thats pretty damn good…thats a very good total brute leg strength ratio…right now i would say my competition pl squat is somewhere in the high 700’s but yet my low box squat with a close stance with various bars is in the low 500’…so you are right on track…i wouldnt think of it as a weakness if you plan to competition squat wide…i would think of it as accessory work…you dont do dumbell extensions with the same weight you bench…its a great movement to bring up your total leg strength and low back so keep it up…when it begins to improve it has a direct correlation to your pl squat going up…just keep driving it up pund by pound…bm

The Manta Ray will make it harder, this is usual. It’s similar to the SSbar and it will really work your abs and lower back hard. Any weakness it brings out is usually displayed in these areas.

Oh thanks BM. THats encouraging to know that its normal. I realize that i did have to flex the entire back perhaps even harder than in a max competition squat to keep the bar goin in the right direction:)