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WOW! I just did 201 sets of 1 arm clean and jerks!


I just did 201 sets of clean and jerks (with a 72 pound kettlebell)… Spread out throught the day to minimize fatigue and such.

I hope to be able to set new pr’s later…

Good God, man! Can you move? That’s awesome! I hope you posted this over a Dragon Door. If not, I’m sure they’d love to hear about it.

By the way, I sure hope you’re not doing EDT with this protocol. Having to beat those numbers every workout, I’m quite sure your arm would fall off. :wink:


Sounds like a lot of volume. Be careful with overdoing it with kettlebells.

I hope your joking. I once did something similiar but not nearly so much and ended up with a pinched nerve in the neck. No training for 2 months. Lesson learned.

No offense dude, but I think the title of your post should go more like this:

WOW! I just overtrained my ass off!

Maybe he means he did an unspecified but reasonable number of sets using a 201 tempo?

Zev: that’s what I was thinking - which is why I haven’t added a post that says “Ah Ha! Overtraining!” - hope this guy clarifies this up for us…

I’m trying to figure out how someone could do a 201 tempo in the O-lifts…?

I’m pretty sure this post is a joke; 72 lb kettlebell? Please allow it to be burried amongst the archives.

I’m sure it’s possible to do. Maybe he did one rep each set. Spread throughout the day, it’s a helluva workout, but not unbearable. But I’m sure he’ll be hurting afterward. I’ve done two sets of 20 one-arm snatches with my kettlebell (each arm) and was gasping for air. So I did 40 reps in 2 sets. If only doing a rep or two per set, he could manage his 201 sets without killing himself.

I think he should have done 202 so he doesn’t get lopsided.

YES! 201 reps spread through the day.

I AM ON DENSITY TRAINING! Friday is my 2nd day. 100 sets of double… I am mentally preparing today

The worst part is…

I didnt get sore… 100 sets of 2 is next!!

I’d be dead if I did what you just did. Congratulations on the whole surviving thing.