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WOW Fish Oil Works Fast


I've been having some soreness in the joints in both my knees for about a month now. I decided to give fish oil a whirl since I haven't really used it in several years. Within 3 days both my knees feel back to normal with no soreness whatsoever. I haven't changed up my routine, diet, sleep-cycle or anything else in the past month, so I'm assuming the fish oil is the reason.


It's good stuff.


Yeah, I'll take at least six capsules a day year round.


It's liquid gold.


I thought liquid gold was just melted down regular gold


fish oil burps suck for the person your burping on


you eat them with other food? Never had fish burps


Just curious, about how many milligrams do most of y'all take in each day?


it happens to me when i take them on an empty stomach. have u ever smelled whats inside those caplets? i dont need food in my stomach to burp...im pretty much a pig.

I have a shaker bottle with a pill holder built into the top. Ran it thru the dishwasher once with a cap full of fish oil. Took me 15 minutes to scrape out all the oil/caplet, gooey, hot tuna smelling mess out of it. i almost just threw it away.

But anyway...fish oil burps smell like you had been licking the shit-house door off of an old tuna boat. Pretty gross.


i weigh 240 lbs and take 3,000 mgs per day.

1000 AM
1000 pre-workout
1000 PM

I bump it up to 4000 (4g) occasionaly. Ive found you need to take more than suggested to reap the full strength, aerobic and fat burning benifits. imo.

It is a really good, fairly cheap supplement. Fish oil and Glucosamine/Chondroitin have been my 2 Wal-Mart treasure supps. u can get good quality for cheap.


Haha, well I guess I love my fish oil.
I usually get at least 10-15 grams of fish oil/day. 5 grams with my post workout meal, 8 grams usually first thing in the morning with breakfast and sometimes 5-10 with my two last meals of the day. I have gone as high as 30 grams of fish oil/day, but didn't really notice anything different than my normal 12-15.


Dang buddy. I gotta ask, how much do you spend on fish oil each month?


I was under the impression that the saturation point in the body of EPA/DHA is like 4g, anything beyond that is a waste.


I take Carlson's liquid. Better to have a teaspoon a day and not have to pop any more pills (I choke down an Animal Pak a day too)

They have an orange flavor one.


I'm actually curious about the optimum dosage as well. I've been doing 2000mg upon waking, and another 2000mg in the late afternoon. But, if it were known that higher dosages would be more beneficial, I'd be happy to increase my intake. Given how cheap and easy to swallow the fish oil caps are, it would be easy to up the dose.

Also, does anyone know of any particular brands of fish oil caps that offer the highest quality/best value/most EPA & DHA per cap/etc? Yes, I'm aware of Flameout, but I feel like fish oil doesn't need to be that expensive to be effective. Currently, I'm using 1000mg "Sundown Naturals" softgels.


I think 2000mg is enough....as I think the recommended is about 1000mg a day. More won't hurt they say, but I think 2000 is enough.

Also, check my link two posts up...Carlson's is a great company and they make what they call a Med Strength oil that's 2800mg in one teaspoon.


More would hurt if you are not balancing between the omegas 3, 6, and 9. But really I don't think its anything to lose sleep over.


Actually, the recommended dosage on my package is 3x daily (Yeah, you read that right). So, that would equal 3000mg per day.

I've actually been curious about trying some oil, in place of the pills, but I've always been scared away by how horrible I expect it to taste. How effective is the flavoring they use? I tend to think that a fish oil/orange taste would be even worse than just plain fish oil.

Although the softgels do go down easily, I too choke down a vita pak (GNC Mega Men) every day, so it wouldn't be bad to replace a handful of my pills with a teaspoon of oil.


I think it tastes just fine. No problem at all.


That's just an urban myth.