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Wow, aerobics is muscle sparing?!!?

I’m so used to getting great information on T-mag and other training/nutrition related sites I almost forget how stupid “regular” people can be.

Example being a video game forum I go to sometimes. Take a look at the genuises there:


Read through the thread and you’ll hear all kinds of “great” information like:

  1. Aerobics is muscle sparing
  2. Building muscle doesn’t increase metabolism
  3. Creatine is (gasp!) dangerous

It’s not like I don’t know these myths exist but it’s still absolutely astounding to see how much misinformation is out there.

I read through some of it and it wasn’t that bad. There was one person that seemed to know their stuff about energy balance and hypertrophy and whatnot.

The worst is when people whine about wanting to get “toned.”

Chrismcl: I am pretty sure the one who knew everything is ChuckieT.

ChuckieT: Would it help if about twenty T-mag members joined up and started teaching? The big problem is that too many people equate big with stupid, and come up with every excuse to avoid exercise, and justify their fat ass. They don’t realize exercise is a real science.

Yeah, that person would be me.

Sometimes I think it’d be great if members of T-nation would kind of band together and launch assaults on examples of this kind of idiocy. Sure, it’s easy when some newbie comes to the forums here, we can all help to inform them. But when you’re “out there” and you’re only one person and since we all know people are terribly misinformed it’s difficult to get one’s point across. In the end people who are trying to learn just end up becoming misinformed themselves.

I used to try to spread the knowledge around, but I’ve given up. People just don’t seem to want to learn.

What’s odd is that I was dealing with people who are fairly inquisitive and open-minded. Must be something about this topic that turns brains off.

Oh well, guess I’ll just improve while they decline.

I too have given up on trying to spread ‘The Word’ around…Nowadays, the closest you will see will be after a workout, during a PWS talking to other knowledgeable weightlifters/athletes, or when a newbie SPECIFICALLY asks something. Otherwise I couldnt give a rat’s ass how much someone benches, wether his form is good, wether he’s been doing maximal strength training for so long that his body stopped responding to it 2 years ago…

My motto is 'mind your own business unless someone asks you something". But when they do, they better be ready for some harsh facts.


I so hear ya!!!

So I’m not alone in my frustration?

The biggest problem though…is that some people DO want to learn but if some idiot comes along and makes up facts and pulls shit out of his ass it throws everyone else off. It ruins your efforts.

Now we’ll have a bunch of fat teenagers not weightlifting because it’s “not beneficial” for fat loss. Christ.