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Wow, 8 Years on TRT!


Wow, 8 years on TRT!
The hardest time of being on TRT was the first couple of years. Trying to find out as much as I could on TRT, reading all the forums, posts, articles, web sites etcâ?¦, comparing all of my labs and test doses to a million other guys on this forum and wondering if I was doing it correctly of just hurting my health. Turns out I was doing the right thing and it wasnâ??t that complicated.

I found a good young Urologist that was educated in TRT and really didnâ??t think it was a big deal to put a 44 year man with a total test of 198 on TRT of 200mg a week. I see the same MD twice a year to have my labs drawn, talk about how Iâ??m doing and to get my prescription refilled.

I have been injecting 100mg of test Cypo every Wednesday and Sunday for 8 years. Have I had any problems with TRT? Sure, In the beginning lower extremity edema (swelling in my lower legs), oily skin, nipple tenderness, and weight gain. All the side effects other people posted about, I got. But, they resolved just like my MD said they would with time. I still have a couple of mild issues, polycythemia, I look like I have a slight sunburn year round, and a little gyno.

I give blood like clockwork and donâ??t take iron or B12 supplements and take an aspirin every day. My hct and hgb runs just a few points over normal. Of course I opted not to take HCG as part of the therapy and now the family jewels arenâ??t worth pawning. My wife of 25 years doesnâ??t care as long as nothing else gets smaller ( my pay check). My gyno, who cares! Iâ??m in my 50â??s My tits are still smaller that all of my fat middle aged buddies tits and Iâ??m big enough that nobody says anything! I had a heart catheterization 6 weeks ago due to an abnormal stress test. Turns out the stress test was wrong and the MD said I have the heart of a 15 year old and the clearest and biggest coronaryâ??s heâ??s ever seen in a man my age and I will probably never have to worry about heart disease as I age. MD said it could be the Benefits of long term TRT, genetics, or both.

I guess Iâ??m writing this post to let others know, in my opinion, the keys to successful TRT, Have a good reason to go on TRT. Find a good MD. Donâ??t over think it. Be prepared to take TRT in the long term. Most important, TRT wonâ??t fix all of your lifeâ??s problems . TRT meds- test cypo 200mg a week, Femera 2.5mg every Monday and a aspirin every day. Basic lab info from 6 weeks ago. Total T 875, free T- 12.5, E- 25, weight 280lbs, Height 6â??3â??. Body fat-who cares!!!


I am glad you are healthy and your heart is healthy.

Not all people will feel good with high E2 and/or high prolactin. Gyno is not good and shouldn’t be ignored.

Are u taking an AI?


Whoa Aces. I didn’t offer any advice to anyone and I didn’t tell anyone to ignore anything. I didn’t say high E2 or prolactin was good or bad, and slight or mild gyno is a real fact in long term TRT in older men, no matter what you do to prevent it. I didn’t suggest 200mg a week was too high or to low, only that it’s the dose I take. I don’t feel I’m doing well, I am doing well!!! I wrote this post to let others know it’s not all doom and gloom being on TRT and some side effects will resolve with time therapy changes. Other side effects fall in the risk vs benefits column and you have make a decision. So, read my post again.


I’m sorry if I came across wrong it’s just we have a lot of young guys on here and they are ready to jump on it and you said don’t over think it.

I think a lot of thought should be put into it and people should be a bit scared of it as it fucks some people up worse then they were prior to trt.

Again if I came across the wrong way I apologize.


Look, the first person I ever spoke to in this forum was KSMAN and that was years ago when there wasn’t even a T-Replacement forum. KSMAN was informative and plain spoken. I check in on the forum a couple of times a year to see if anything new develops in TRT. Every time I return their seems to be a new TRT guru that has all of the answers, but none of the personal experience in long term use of TRT, These gurus ask for so much information and have people post so much lab work or get this test or that test, check your oral temperature in the morning and your anal temperature at night. C’mon on! , that would make an Endocrinologist’s head swim. That’s why I say don’t over think it, I didn’t say or suggest not to be informed. As far as TRT fucking people up, I’ve never heard of or read a case study that anyone on monitered TRT was injured, disabled , died, or fucked up by TRT; however, I have read reports that men had to stop TRT due to intolerable/undesirable side effects and elevated PSA’s not related to TRT or they went on TRT without checking the risks vs benefits information.


Ksman is the one who asks for body temperatures bud…

He advises 50 mg of iodine which is 333 times the recommended daily intake and it fucked my thyroid up so tell me more please cause I ain’t the new guru and if I don’t know something I don’t speak.


Read the stickys ksman has made and look who asks for the info bud…

I just help a little with what little I know and I also get help in return when needed…

Ur E2 is a little high today bud lol

Also gyno in old men no matter what you do is a crock…

I apologized if I came across rudely what the fk else do u want?


I’m not going to get in a pissing match with you so settle down. I didn’t say or imply that you were a TRT guru or that you don’t know what you talking about. I was discussing an observation that I had about this forum with you. The iodine thing, that’s between you and KSMAN. Man, you sure read alot into things!


:slight_smile: whatever man enjoy your night… Life’s to short and I only try to help


Partner, I don’t know what you gripe is with what I wrote, but whatever it was, wasn’t meant to set you off. As far as the TRT, Doc’s, and living in a dream world, I don’t know where you got that from. I made the statement, slight or mild gyno is a real fact in long term TRT in older men, no matter what you do to prevent it. Not what you stated in you post about gyno in old men. Lighten up or you head is going to explode. learning is achieved through discussion, agreement, and disagreement. Not by flying off the handle and cussing at someone.


Lol you started talking about new gurus and I thought you were implying that towards me. And it sounded by what you were writing that you were being insulting so I stood my ground that’s all.

I don’t see all older men on trt with gyno and why would they get gyno if E2 was in check and prolactin was in check??

when people take the time out of the day to try and help other who are struggling this is not a bad thing.

Ksman has done lots here for people and I don’t agree with everything he says but I think he asks for all the info to try and figure out what’s really going on with the body so people don’t make a bad choice as low T shares symptoms with other thing such as thyroid problems or adrenal problems and T can sometimes be lowered by problems in other areas.

Endos are idiots in the trt world and they don’t have a clue and I have my own urologist who openly admits I know more about trt then he does. Just cause someone spent 7 years in school and could remember stuff long enough to write a test doesnt mean they retained it or are up to date on current functional medicine.

If you have gyno and E2 is in check maybe you should check prolactin :slight_smile:

Post your labs and we can try an help you out :slight_smile: lol


I just wanted to post a brief paragraph to reflect on my own personal TRT experience. It wasn’t meant to be a plan of therapy or reserach paper. I was trying to convey the idea that TRT is not perfect but the imperfections of TRT can be lived with. That once the hormonal balance is out of balance it can never be put back into perfect balance but you can try to bring it back as close as one can. most of the posts I’ve read are from or for new men on or thinking about TRT, very few are from or for men on long term TRT. How can some one make an informed decision if they have no idea or never hear what the long term reality of long term TRT .

I’m not defending the medical community when it comes to TRT but men should know that there are good MD’s out there that know about TRT and I happen to have found one. Gyno, I’m not talking about A cups breasts, I’m refering to slight or mild, and testicular atrophy is a huge problem with TRT and even the slightest sign of it brothers some men, it doesn’t bother me because I’m in a phase of my life where I have different priorties than a man in his 20’s, 30’s, or even 40’s. I’m suggesting that the road of TRT is rougher at the beginning and for me got a lot smoothier the longer I stayed on it. I think men should be aware of that.


I’m more of the gloom and doom clan lol

I didn’t make it six months and I have stopped injections.

Did not feel good and did not feel natural at all