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Wow... 3 Pussies Attack 1 Guy


Anyways this just happened the other day you pretty much got 3 white boy's tryin to jump a black man. Issue started white guys were makin racial slurs n what not.
This just makes me flat out sick everytime I see this kind of shit..I know exactly how this man felt because I've been in the same fuckin situation in my life a couple years back.

For some reason I've been seein lots of these dudes in white trucks thinkin they are farmer tough or some shit..anytime I roll up at a gas station nearby there are always flocks of them and it's startin to make me stereotype all white guy's in typical trucks.

He's lucky they had no weapons but I find in most situations with a jumping..it's mostly they want to beat the shit out of someone, and havin a couple extra guys helps.
Anyways this news just justifies my reason why i always got a little somethin somethin with me wherever I am.


Here's the link:


thanks for that link! I saw that on the news the other day, those white guys were fucking pussies and im saying that as a white guy. But its funny how much trouble they were having with that black guy. He really held his own.


what pathetic losers! i wish that black guy wouldve knocked all 3 teeth outta their hickass mouths!


Once again, white people having to hold their heads in shame and feel like morons, and blacks coming out of things smelling like a rose. Being white sucks.


being white doesnt suck...just like being any other ethnicity doesnt suck...there are retards in every corner of the world..these ones just happen to be white


Exactly, has nothing to do with being black or white, If i had a nickel for every time ive seen black kids come with numbers, id move. White people jump white people, black people jump black people purple people jump green people. People just jump people its how it is has nothing to do with race.


They should eat something. Buy some clothes also. And learn how not to punch like a girl.


Looking at the video, I think the dude wasn't even hurt :smiley: The really hit like girls :))))))))))


"...3 white boy's..." -quoted from the OP

Listen, I don't have a racist bone in my body and I think anyone who has a problem with African Americans or any other minority based on their ethnicity are ignorant dumbfucks stuck in the 1850's.

That being said, I have a definite problem being called a "white boy" by anyone, of any ethnicity. Being called a white boy doesn't justify any sort of violent or racist behavior in return, but think about how you would feel if a white dude called you a "black boy" or a "yellow boy" or a "brown boy". I understand that minorities of all kinds have been the victims of racism or discrimination at the hands of white males for centuries, but it doesn't justify referring to whites as "white boys". It simply lowers yourself to those bottom feeders' level. Do ethnic minorities want equality, or do they just want "to get even?"

I'm sure I'm opening myself up to all sorts of criticism, but keep in mind I'm not some "farmer tough" racist, redneck "white boy" so please don't confuse me for one.


I personally have no problem being called 'white' or 'black' and i feel that your post that is very careful to use all the registered politically correct terms, is a big part of the problem.

As far as i'm concerned, while there is no call to be racist in the usual sense, there is as little to be as deliberately un-discriminatory as possible either. The issue i have is that it IS deliberate - and if you really understood what it was to not be racist at all.. (you dont have to go beating or lynching to be a racist.. you can just see it as them and us) then you wouldn't sound so forced saying 'African American Minorities' LMAO. That sounds ridiculous - not to mention not even covering the vast majority of black americans it doesnt apply to British blacks, or any other group likely to be victims of discrimination.

I feel that the only post that was truly understanding of the issue oif racism was the one that talked about purple people and green people(!).






Those guys were fags but it's not like blacks don't hide behind numbers or guns most of the time. It's just that no one calls it a hate crime if it happens to a white. You don't always know what's really going on either. Those guys in Texas who dragged that black guy behind their truck and were seen as pure evil while the black was presented on Oprah and shit as an innocent family man were constantly victimized by black gangs in prison who greatly outnumbered them. They had to fight every day to survive and it taught them to hate blacks. Guess who was a banger in prison, victimizing whites. Yep, guy who was dragged to death.


Black people are so rare up here that they probably got confused and scared at the sight of him.

Naturally, unpredictable behavior followed.


Yeah, because we all know that all black people are fine upstanding citizens that we should all strive to emulate.


I rather enjoy being called a cracker ass cracker


. . . I am a misanthropist. Pretty much gets me out of the racism thing.


He didn't even look like he was hurt at all after, those guys were pure bitches


i was expecting to see a fourway


i liked the 'front kick' by one of the 'white boys'

i think he watched too much karate kid growing up. lol

losers; all of them.


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