Wout Zijlstra's Training Routine

Wout Zijlstra posted a while ago on his facebook page a Milo article about his training and diet for WSM and Highland Games.

His routine:
(In the off season he does 5 sets of 6 for everything except the high pulls, where he does 5 sets of 3 and goes down to singles in the summer)

Monday: upper body
-Bench press (150 kg x6)
-Incline bench press (150 kg x6, 180kg x1)
-Seated Military press (120 kg x6)
-Barbell curl (70kg x6)
-Triceps Pushdowns

Tuesday: lower body
-Back squat (200 kg x6)
-Leg curls
-Leg extensions

Wednesday: events
-Weight for height x5
-Stone put x10
-Weight for distance x10
-Hammer Throw x10
-Farmers Walk or Hercules Hold

-High pulls

-Front squat (250 kg)

Saturday: events and deadlift
-Same events as wednesday
-Deadlift (300 kg x6)

Rest day

He became third in WSM 1998 and held the 56 lb Weight for Height world record for some time, 5.65m (he says the high pulls and front squat help him a lot for this event)
He is 6 feet 5 1/2 (1.97m) and weighs around 290lb (130 kg)
He eats lots of beef and potatoes and drinks three litres of milk a day.
When he was 22 he entered his first strongman competition wheighing 110 kg and did 120 kg on the loglift with no training.

What do you think about his training? Any thoughts?

Not doable without steroids, that is what I think.

You could probably make something like that work. It’s training 6 days a week, but on 2 of those days you’re only doing 1 movement.

I honestly have zero knowledge about throwing, so I don’t know how that affects training/recovery.

If I were to run it, I’d change up the rep scheme a little bit. Instead of doing the exact same sets/reps for everything, I’d probably make these changes

Squats: Work up to one heavy set of 3-6 reps, then finish the day with a high rep set (or drop/rest pause set)

Leg curls/extensions: More in the 10-12 range

Deadlifts: Work up to a heavy top set, rotating different implements/pulling heights

Tricep pushdowns: More in the 12-20 range

Incline bench: Put it after military press and hit it for 8-12 reps

But the structure itself looks workable.

That’s some volume but I don’t think it is crazy.

The training for throwing events is typically much more focused on technique than strength. Most throwers aim for 80-90% effort (the time under tension is a fraction of a second) at the most on what would be their top “set” so it doesn’t pound they’re joints to badly.