Wounded Warriors in the Gym

I live in a city where there is a high number of wounded warriors and I see several of these folks at my gym. In fact, two of them are women who kick ass in the gym despite each one having a prosthetic leg. I dont know for sure that they are vets but the fact that they are young and healthy and have missing limbs leads me to believe they are WW.

Its just awesome to see them in the gym. Not hiding their prosthesis, doing everything they can.
As a veteran who served in between wars, I just want to give a shout out to all of our wounded warriors out there and say thank you for your service and sacrifice.


Alpha has posted some pretty awesome videos of people who train at his gym that are missing limbs; I believe some of them are wounded warriors as well.

I volunteer with a charity called Project Healing Waters. A while back when Pittsburgh hosted the paralympics I met a bunch of really good guys. A bunch of them took a break from the competition to go fishing. The guys that were doing the bench press comps were pretty yoked. Some serious upper body strength. Their dedication and some of the innovations that they’ve developed to exercise and get around with are amazing.

Hats off to them.

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