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Would You?


I was queried with this inquistion earlier today, and I beleive the paradoxical complexity could make one's head explode if thought over for too long. The question is...Would you give up training to not have to have sex with Oprah? 60 minute foreplay minimum, no in and outs


I would fuck Oprah in a split second.

I've certainly brought home worse in college.


Do I get to keep her jew gold?


Can alcohol and a mask be involved?



I stopped reading the question after there.


I'm sure Oprah would accept you just the way you are.


The question only becomes complicated once licking her butthole is required.


Instead of screaming her partner's name, I hear she puts an Oprah mask on said partner then talks dirty in third person.


What's foreplay?


It involves ham, blender(s), feminism pan-flits and signed Henry Rollins posters (the more the better).

But thats just me.


I wouldn't, I'd fuck oprah without a condom then ride that bitch to the bank.



Oh wait, you mean because she'd get YOU pregnant...right. Good plan :wink:


Wll excuse me mister perfeeeeect!!!!! I guess I forgot you never ever make a mistake.


What if she demanded child support?


hahaha nice


As George Carlin used to say, "I wouldn't fuck her with a stolen dick."


I would wreck Oprah. I'd love her like a blizzard, drop 8 to 10 inches on her and she wouldn't be able to leave the house for 3 to 4 days. Might even go back for seconds and still lick the plant clean.


Yeah...as we can see many of us (myself included) just don't see this as much of a challenge.

What about Oprah waiting at the door to the gym and you have to throw it in her every single time you wanted to go work out????


So...do you guys actually like Boards Of Canada?

Keep your gold, Moshe!


I'd hit it.