Would You Vote for the Sexual Tyrannosaurus?

It appears that Jesse Ventura has put himself in as a “maybe” for the 2016 election. I haven’t followed him enough to form a complete opinion but I do agree with some of what I have heard from him. I also now he’s considered quite a bit “out there” on many things.

He surprised people in Minnesota by winning the governor race, obviously this is a much steeper climb.

I would vote for him but before I do I would need to know more about his stands on issues

He’s bat shit crazy. Used to be able to pull of normal.
Smartest thing he ever said was something along these lines:
I used to think the government was there to serve people, help the infrastructure, etc. After having served as governor I saw how it works from the inside. The biggest priority of those in power is to stay in power and keep/expand the power base they have. Everything else is a distant second to that.

I’ll take crazy over stupid any day

I would totally vote for JV he’s not a pussy and hes down with Freedom… I’ve always liked him hes a real libertarian not like those Ann Ran bitches

The thing I like about the Body, he has the balls to say it like it is, and any repercussions for saying it would be trivial at best.

[quote]pittbulll wrote:

Makes allot of sense dump the wars get out the mid east and get univerasal health care without costing Americans a penny… JV said hes 50/50 on running 4 prez and would run with Howard Stern on a no party ticket… Hes got my vote these rebs & dems fuckin suck taint