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Would you use steroids if they were legal?

Here’s a good topic feel free to voice your opinion…

Would you use steriods if you had access to them legally?

Yes, but not for at least 5 more years. However, hasn;t this been discussed alot before?
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Without a doubt.

The whole illegal/immoral-issue seems to be my only obstacle. That and of course price.

that would just make them easier for me to get. (so yes)

I might consider some light cycles if it was not only legal to obtain, but also legal for use in endurance sports (cycling and triathlon). The IOC would have to lift their ban as well.

100% beyond a doubt yes. They would be easier to get, I wouldn’t have to listen to as many people bitch about me using them, I wouldn’t have to look like some retard asking around for them (because I don’t know where to go for them easily), and for about a hundred other reasons.

Absolutely I would. Not for another few years, but I would use them - especially when I enter my fourties and want to make sure I have high levels of T.