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Would You Steal From Her?


check out the pop in those hips. beautiful. laters pk

wow…that’s nice!

Full on!that looks scripted it was so clean!

I bet she just fixed her clothes and hair and strutted off!


Now we need to find someone that can read russian and tell us what the text says. Great video.

I tried to do a google translation but could not. laters pk

She knows either judo or sambo.

“The camera of internal observation, established in one of the elevators of a Tokyo office, fixed the unique case, when they gave worthy rebuff to criminal. The robber suffered a broken neck and was taken to the hospital.”

…Oh, thats the russian, not the japanese…just thought I’d clear that up.

That was definitely a scripted gag. Funny nonetheless though!

That’s why I don’t mess with Asian chicks!


Looks familiar…

I’m not getting a video…been waiting for like 4 minutes…on cable internet too so I dunno.