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Would You Scream?





LOL. Somehow don't think the panic-stricken fellow would continue to hold the camera so steadily...but still funny.

My friend is a pilot and knows I'm scared of heights. Pretty much every time we fly he plays some trick on me or does some ridiculous, illegal stunt just to freak me out


I don't think I'd scream ... I'd be too busy shitting my pants right before I fainted myself...


I'm more of a, I'm so fucking scared no sound will come out of my mouth.


is there ice cream involved?


lol that was pretty cold.
In a couple of more seconds I bet that guy woulld have yanked him out of the seat and tried to land.


I'm fully instrument rated on Microsoft flight simulator, I'd just land the plane.



And the answer is YES!!!! Yaay for bunnies!


Lol..that is hilarious.


Yeah, I think I'd lose my shit.