Would You Recommend T-Dawg?

hi all im looking for a diet that would best suit me for my size im 6ft 380lbs im also experienced in lifting im pretty strong but strength is no longer what i really desire anymore im 30yrs old now and would like to get down to around 270-280lbs ,

choosing the proper diet has always been my problem ,i see on this website there are several diets on here ,t-dawg and velocity ,velocity looking to be a bit extreme. I was wondering what diet would anyone recommend for a person of my frame ,any help would be greatly appreciated,thanks

The diets that are posted on this site aren’t quite for your case.

What I would advise you to try is to take a good look at your dietary habbits. Start to choose whole clean foods(things from the outside of the gorcery store). Eating clean foods like chicken/lean meats, fruits, fibrous veggies, whole grains, and things without added sugars is that you will be full quicker, longer, and will consume far fewer calories than you currently are. By eliminating empty calories like soda, candy, cakes, and just about anything else that comes in a box or bag you will be able to drastically drop the amount of calories that you are consuming, without being hungry all of the time.

Stick to a balanced diet full of “real foods” and be patient.

Good luck.

Another good help, would be to move more; start with a morning walk, see if you can walk for like an hour a day(half morning, half afternoon) these simple changes will probably be extrememly effective in your case.

Time for the positive,

  1. You are taking action now, before it is too late.
  2. You are pretty strong = muscle mass = ability to burn calories.
  3. You have come to the right place.

thanks man as far as cardio is concerned believe or not i do 40-45min per day on the elliptical or precor thats no problem its just the diet if i can get that right ill be good.

I think the T-Dawg Diet could be a good fit for you, although the previous poster’s suggestions are solid.

It really depends on you. Some people can live without certain things better than others. The good news is you can lose weight on any diet that puts you at a caloric deficit. Now your eating habits are prob close to ALL wrong but I don’t know for sure unless you post your diet.

Like the other guy posted. Concentrate on getting a steady stream of good nutrients throughout the whole day and know how many calories you are eating. Post here after and watch the scale…
I hate to recommend a diet without more info but have you tried living without carbs for a little while. This isn t a dig, like I said some people can t live without certain things.

maybe check on Precision Nutrition.

its similar to what the other guy posted about changing habbits. its not a diet its more of a lifestyle change and it teaces you how farily simplisticly