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Would you rather?

One of our favorite family games is ‘would you rather?’ and involves a choice of 2 things, you can’t have or do both.

eg only ever own a cat or a dog ?(hey, I play it with my kids ok!)

walk 30 miles over hills or bike 150 on the flat?

Sing the national anthem at an international sports event or in front of ‘the big kids’ at school? (my children automatically chose the sports event as all the big kids knew them and they would see them everyday, hmmm, interesting)

Well my wife threw me a curly one the other day.

Would you rather have a million dollars and for 1 year not train, have to eat ‘normal food’ etc or just carry on as is (weird and obsessive)? A very, very tough call and after about 5 mins I chose the money.

What would you do?

Money. I can always get my body back in shape. Was exercise of any kind out of the question? Could you bike, run, swim, hike? Or do you have to watch 24 hours of soaps per day?

No exercise! Just work, eat crap food and blob out.

Is having sex with hot chics who want my money considered training? If not give me the fucking money. Thanks dude. Ciao. :slight_smile:

Hey, let’s keep this in perspective. It’s only $700,000 after taxes.

ANACEUPMYSLEEVE: Since its only 700 000$ to you, please send me all those worthless dollars (yours) that you deem dont need. I`ll spare you the thought of thinking how to use that sum! =0)

Win-win, eh? Just PM before, so that I OK everything with my lawyer to make sure the money laundering squad does not suspect anything. Thanks! =0)

Ha, boy that’s easy, the money. After you get that million you could blow half of it on biotest supplements and use all of them, the whole biotest line nonstop while sitting in front of a massive conveyor belt all day that dumps food down your pie hole. In about a week you would be huge again. (incase some idiot didn’t know I was joking and responds ‘a week? yeah right moron’ I was indeed joking, the correct response is ‘haha, good one Dawg, you’re the coolest!’ :wink:

Money, a national sporting event, own a dog, bike 150 on a flat. The biking would be tough, but hiking over hills tougher.

haha, good one Dawg, you’re the coolest! :wink:

are you kidding, that isn’t even a choice.

unless you already have many mill in the bank, you take the money.

12 months is nothing, and even eating shitty food, most people will really only put on maybe 20-30 pounds of fat in a year, and that is totally fucking up. You can drop that 20-30 pounds in 4-6 months very easily.

“Hey, let’s keep this in perspective. It’s only $700,000 after taxes.”

btw, at a million bucks, you are in the top income bracket at the fed level, meaning you’ll be taxed 36.9%.

so it will “only” be $631,000 assuming you have no state tax where you live.

631 grand is life changing money for the vast majority of people.

Relax, guys. I was just kidding.

I think the highest tax bracket is down to 33 percent now anyhow under the bush plan.

That’s too easy! How about a million, no make it 5 million, but you can never workout again for the rest of your life? You don’t have to eat like crap, but you can never partake in any form of exercise other than general walking around. I’d take the cash, what about you guys? Remember, the rest of your life!

Money. Duh.

Money! Think about how much Tribex, Mag-10, Power-Drive, Hot-Rox, and Surge you’d be able to buy for that amount! With that much juice flowing thru your veins you could get back in shape in a matter of months!

money, i dont get chicks when im buff but i haven’t tried the obsenely rich rich appraoch yet…

Another one to consider:

Live in a Birds Nest for the rest of your life, or end every sentence with “Just Kidding”?

The money, because my brother is a lawyer and I’d sue my way out of the contract, get the money, and still train.