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Would You Rather Fight 20 Polar Bears the Size of Geese or 1 Goose the Size of a Polar Bear?

Would you rather fight:

20 polar bears that are the size of geese


1 goose that is the size of a polar bear?

In both scenarios, you are unarmed, naked, and in a 25x25 yard enclosed room with a moderately slippery floor.

And as an alternative - who would win in a fight between the 20 mini polar bears and the giant goose?

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You are kinda screwed up in both scenarios.

Geese sized polar bears are kinda like fat cats with thick fur.

And it would be kinda hard to break a neck to a goose that’s as big as polar bear.

If you had a stick or a knife - even better a sword or machete… then both of situations would be no problem to handle.

Hey man, if you could come out on top either way it wouldn’t matter. You’ve got a slim to none chance of survival either way, so choose wisely.

Geese are assholes and I don’t trust them not to torture me as part of killing me. I expect the bears just to devour me.

Therefore, I choose death by many minature bears.


I’d expect to have my neck snapped pretty quickly by that goose. I do think best chance of survival is with the bears.

I’ll take the goose. Their eyes are spread apart because they’d made of food and their striking isn’t very accurate. They really aren’t very agile either.

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But geese are mean!

This is simple.

I fight the goose and tame it. Then I ride on it’s back and set the polar bears free. Next we go on a bloody rampage through Ingen Corp. I get BD Wong to make 500 T-Rex sized polar bears and geese spliced with raptor dna.

World domination.



I would fight the goose. 50 goose sized polar bears would be like being eaten by 50 little dogs.

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Geese get away with a lot because nobody wants to be the guy that punched out a goose. They get a little ballsy pushing around the ducks and think that means something to non ducks.

I have a whole flock of turkeys in my backyard that will show them otherwise.


I don’t know if you guys are comprehending how fuckin huge a goose the size of a polar bear is, especially in an enclosed space. They’re super angry and aggressive. And a nip from that beak? Hell no.


I think the goose may not even be able to support the weight of it’s head at that size. The polar bears will be leaping at you like fucking Thunder Cats.

Come on bros, THINK.

Different styles of training for different porposes! Everybody knows this.

Fight 1 Goose. Goose style will be somewhere between Crane Style and Eagle Style Kung Fu. As a result, Tiger Style will be totally ineffective and useless.

To beat a counter puncher like a goose, YOU gotta counter punch better. Mantis Style is the answer. The technique depends mainly on arm and finger strength. Once you have that, the next step is to learn to pierce stone. You might as well start practicing now.

Do you know the mantis legend? How it was it all started? The mantis was fighting off a blackbird. Even though it was a tenth of the birds size, the mantis was a very Valiant insect. That’s why the technique requires a strong man, and a brave one. Who isn’t afraid of odds.


i wonder if after killing one you could use its carcass as a bludgeon, or would it be too heavy?

there’s no chance you’d be killing you one. The bears’d overwhelm you in seconds.


How many bears would make it preferable for you to choose them?

What about 20 bears?

Even 20 bears you’d still be totally fucked. Their claws and teeth are razor sharp, they’d be fast as lightning and they’re easily within jumping distance of your nads.

A huge goose would just be one big peck and it’s over. Way preferable to being shredded by tiny bears.


You are a fuckin badass if you handle either situation with a stick.

Still, 50 is too much and I’d say 20 makes it a more reasonable comparison, so I’m gonna edit the post.

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A goose-sized polar bear would be essentially like fighting a small (but not tiny), vicious dog with greater proportional strength. I could never hope to defeat 20 of them.

A polar-bear sized goose, assuming it operated in such a way that its hollow bones didn’t collapse under its own weight and functioned like a normal large animal, would be an outrageously formidable opponent.

The latter would kill me more quickly and I would prefer that.

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