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Would You Rather Be....


...would you rather be the only person in the world, alone, or with someone who despises you?

It's a tough decision for me. If I'm alone, I'd be lonely... and worst of all, BORED! If I was with somebody who despises me, it wouldn't be as boring as being alone, and it gives you a purpose in life (to fight that certain person) but why would anyone wanna be with someone who wants to kill you? lol.

It's just a random thought that I had.


someone who despises you

cause then you could kill them and get away with it.


would you rather kill yourself with a gun or a knife...

PS: You seriously have to choose and finish the job.


that depends... If it's a girl, just hit her and stick it in her pooper..



I think someone said action is the antidote to despair.




You aren't alone, we all despise you.


pmpm you're being a meanie !! :frowning:




You take it up the ass and then tell me who's the meanie!



I have nothing witty to say back...
Like always....


so, if you're with someone who despises you... they would try to kill you. And you in turn would have to kill them. Leaving you lonely in the world. So, in order to have some fun before I am the last person in the world. I would chose to be with someone who despises me.


What if you're the one who dies?

And it's always better if this companion of yours who despises you is a woman... you don't even have to kill her, you just tie her up and do whatever you want. And best of all, there's no police, which means NO CONSEQUENCES FOR NONCONSENSUAL ACTS!


Dude. I would totally choose to be the only person on Earth. That would rock so fucking hard. I fucking HATE people, they are like cattle, or livestock. They are just THERE being cattle, and there isn't anything you can do about it. I hate it. People and their "I'm important! I matter! I'm better!Big me! LOOK AT ME!" bullshit......... Ugh, it makes me sick.

I think if I was the only person on Earth I could totally handle it. Maybe I would need a dog or something that wasn't a human to talk to, but otherwise I would be totally cool with it. It would be paradise.............. a world with no people........... God that's beautiful......


Nice avatar!

(back to the subject) even if there is no one to fuck?


He mentioned something about a dog...


You're fucking disgusting.


i agree with pmpm....yuck, i need a shower


That he is, but that got you a little wet too, didn`t it? ;-p



How do you know how he fucks? Maybe he fucks beautifully?