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Would You Have Passed This Squat?


So I lifted in a comp yesterday and hit a huge PB (or so I thought) of 182.5kg @ 89.9kg and 19 years old. I initially felt I cut it a bit high and that's why I got the reds. But after wathing the video when i got home I have no idea (well i do but i want to see what others say first) over why i got the reds. It wouldn't even have bothered me that much but after my lift 2 very experienced lifters called me over and asked why it was turned down. needless to say i was pissed.

So here it is, be brutal.


It looks like you squatted it to me, and you went deep enough, but I'm not a powerlifting judge.

Did they tell you what the red lights were for?


It certainly looked low enough to me


As far as I know the reds were for double movement which I honestly don't see in the video. I may have slightly stalled out but there was no downward movement in my opinion (but like I'm hardly an inmpartial observer am I??).


Do they give reds for downward motion in your fed? It looked like you hiccuped a little at the sticking point and the bar moved downwards.

Depth obviously was not the issue, that looked great.



It looked like the bar stopped moving there at the sticking point. You rolled forward a bit, your hips came up and you gm'd it up from there.

But I'm not a judge. You definitely made the weight, but it looked like a technical problem.



I noticed no downward motion after you started your ascent...there was a brief pause at your sticking point but then you fought through it and made the weight...

looked good to me...I would have passed it and I have judged at meets before...

it's hard to tell from the quality of the audio on your vid but maybe you didn't obey all the commands? like starting before the squat command was given or possibly racking before the rack command was given?

anyways, depth was fine and I saw no obvious downward movement after you started the upward portion of the lift out of the whole...

sometimes you get screwed, sometimes you get gifts, just shrug it off and move on...


If I did rack it before I got the command then I think I can feel pissed off about that too cos I clearly had control of the weight after I locked it out before I started walking it back in.

Like ya said tho, what can I do?? In my mind I made the weight and was strong enough for it. That's good enoguh for me I guess!!


just keep on keepin on.

next meet you'll be able to beat the hell out of that number and it won't matter any more.

I can't tell if the bar actually moved down when/before you GM'd it up, but dude, just realize that the weight you just used will feel like feathers when the next meet rolls around.

go get'em!


The reds were not for depth they had to have been for the dip after coming out of the hole. That squat was deep. That stall was a slight dip. It was close enough to get whites. Not sure if anyone noticed but the judge over on the right side of the screen does not appear to be watching. Tough call but thats a nice squat 401lbs raw at just under 200lbs


Want to know the funniest thing?? That guy was not actually the judge. The "side" judge was sitting on his left hand side at roughly a 45 degree and to the platform and about 3 feet back from even being on the EDGE of the platform. Most of their calls during the day came from looking at the other side judge and agreeing with them. A few people commented on it at the meet to like.

But I'm not bitter. Oh no...


I don't know much about the rules, but you can clearly hear the rack command at the end of the clip, and the bar is damn near already racked. You've already taken a step or two toward racking at that point.

Either way, like has been said, you won't care about this anymore after you kick ass at your next meet.


True story but I'm pretty sure that was the second "rack" command because the head judge had just been mumbling it all through out the day.


If it failed, it failed for double movement. More on your left side than your right side, and definately close, but still a double movement.


It's hard to see your depth with the camera angle but there was no real hithch just a stall. You have to remeber to ask the judges why they did that to you. I could see if you bounced twice at the bottom but there's no telling. If you racked it too soon then your screwed. I took a 700lb attempt at a meet 2 years ago and got red lighted for moving ny right heel before the rack commamd. I was furious. Always grill the judges as too why they lit you.


I think the depth was legal, but to be totally honest, there is virtually no way to be sure about this from a particular camera angle.

I have seen Ed Coan in videos do a "shiver" at the sticking point with 900. It was basically just an instant where the weight stopped rising, and his hips shifted to underneath the weight.

Here is my bet. If you just watch the knees, they do appear to rebend. Focus on the left knee. It is more of rotating the hips a little under the weight, but that left knee looks like it straightens, then does 1-2 quick rebends while you get you hips underneath.

Question: Is that a singlet you are wearing? Does wearing a singlet help you at all in terms of numbers? (10-20 pounds for example). Is that still considered to be raw? No debates here, just pure curiosity.


Yeah it's just an inzer singlet. And nope not in the slightest. In fact in my fed (world drugfree powerlifting federation) you have to wear a singlet in competition, even in the uneuipped divison. I think most other feds are the same.

And you made a really good point about the re bend. But that would onl really matter if the bar was dropping atthe same rate.


Where was this competition? I would like to see one maybe and ask experienced guys about training as I know not a single person outside the internet who has a clue.

Also do you play any other sports? Do you know your vert numbers or have sprint times?

Next meet this won't piss you off because you will smoke a heavier weight man, keep up the good work.


Hi Mate,

I'm no powerlifter, so no advice here, sorry. I weigh a bit less than you, and a double BW squat is one of my goals (which I'm still far from). Just wanted to congratulate you for the lift. Whatever the red light was for, it was some technicallity; you got that weight up and that should count a lot for you.

Like everyone said, you'll do more weight at your next meet, so don't worry. Just keep us posted :slight_smile:


If you rack the weight before you get the signal, that is a red light.. no matter how nice the lift in itself is.. :slightly_smiling: