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Would You Give TRT a Try with these Values and Symptoms?

You’re a quick learner. If you Total T and Free T arent consistently high and only good half of the time, you will benefit from TRT.

I would not start low. I wouldn’t suggest it. The test you have isn’t working and there no need to crush natural production and then just replace it with a low dose. T won’t kill you. Again T won’t kill you. If anything you will see it working faster. Unless you are taking 300mg or something. Even then some guys feel great when they take huge amounts.

The first few months the body gets used to the hormones and some notice benefits sooner and others months later.

I would start at an average dose between 150-200. Don’t worry about SHBG. Just adjust dose until you feel better. Don’t over analyze numbers and worry about this and that. Most men are able to take 150/200 without any understanding of SHBG at all. They rarely complain of issues because they just take it and wait for it to work many weeks or months later .

You can always lower it later. Much better than starting at a baby dose, waiting 2 months for a test and increasing again.

SHBG sucks as a guide. You are taking an Easter and it will build up in the system. Some is available for immediate use upon injection and the rest is slowly released over weeks time.

I would also do daily and do it right from the start for faster response to trt. Daily is good because that little bit it does make available for immediate use is handled by the body without issue.

Don’t over think it. Just go for it and don’t worry about any itchy nipples or water retention. It all goes away with time. The body will adapt.

Give the body too little and symptoms can suck.

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My god there’s a lot of misinformation parroted on here. SHBG has NOTHING to do with injection protocol, the dosage you use, low or high SHBG, testosterone will dose dependently increase when taken exogenously, and E2 will rise directly in proportion…

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I have seen countless low SHBG men struggle on infrequent dosing, I see it on other forums as well. It’s not a small portion on men, it’s a big percentage of men and even Dr. Saya has said so himself.

I already knew this to be the case before he made the comment. I got nothing to back it up, only this is my experience. I see a lot of low SHBG men with high Free E2 even when E2 is within range. The Total T doesn’t need to be high for Free T to be high, it’s the same with the Free E2.

I have seen on Excelmale low SHBG men’s results when testing Free E2 and it’s undeniable. The SHBG regulates the Free E2, more SHBG, Free E2 decreases as well as Free T. We see this is high SHBG men with very high Total T and very low Free T and Free E2.

This is not to say that a low SHBG man can’t feel good on a weekly protocol with large injections, only that the majority that I see on these forums feel better on very frequent dosing and it doesn’t have to be daily.

Another thing I notice is low SHBG men and the connection to anxiety, something Dr. Saya, Dr Crisler and many other have noticed as well. Some think the anxiety is from the high Free E2 and the inability to buffer the Free E2.

So if a experienced hormone doctor is telling me that he is noticing low SHBG men doing well on a particular protocol, that’s confirmation and my own experience.