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Would You Give TRT a Try with these Values and Symptoms?

Wanted to get you guys thoughts on this…

I’m 27 years old male, work out 4 times a week, eat pretty clean and used to have a good sex life, but that changed two years ago.

I started losing energy, my workouts are often very shitty, I started getting some anxiety (even panic attacjs), I no longer have morning wood and generally not so interested in sex any more. I also get irritated more often, and sometimes I have problems controlling my emotions. Also I have more belly fat these days.

So I’ve done a few blood tests, and from my research these are pretty low values, considering my age.

S-FSH: 3 U/L
S-LH: 3 U/L
S-Estradiol17Beta: 0.08 nmol/L
S-Testosterone: 11 nmol/L
S-SHGB: 14 nmol/L

Are there any other parameters that would be crucial to look at? I’m attaching a full list of blood values as well.

Do you think a trial of TRT would do me any good, considering my symptoms?

Im 31 and started TRT 7 weeks ago with 19nmol/l and 54 SHBG. I feel much better since

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Thanks for sharing buddy!

So it looks like you actually had some better total T than me, but got alot bound up in SHBG.

How long did you have symptoms of low T before you got your stuff checkd? Did you use any steroids before?

I had symptoms for like 2 years never used steroids

Total test is pretty low, for any age. Have you been able to determine a possible cause? Concussions, head trauma? Is that the entirety of your lab work?

If unable to come up with any answers, yeah, I’d try TRT.

When was the last time you had a deload or break from the weights?

How is your sleep?

I echo what others have said, T is low, these levels are low at any age. If SHBG is low to do genetics you may have one hell of a time if you choose large infrequent injections and you’ll see the majority of low SHBG men struggle on TRT. I see it here as well as on other forums.

I’m noticing a lot of low SHBG men have a lot of anxiety when compared to other men with higher SHBG. TRT will suppress your SHBG unless of course you’re insulin resistance like myself and have diabetes do to having low testosterone and I see an increase in SHBG on TRT.

SHBG has an important role in the regulation of free E2 availability to various target cells, SHBG modifies testosterones action, so SHBG is important and crushing it into oblivion with large infrequent dosing is going to cause problems for you.

Your Free E2 will be incredibly high even when estrogen appears normal which I see a lot with men who have low SHBG. The Free T will alway be high more quickly and you won’t need high normal testosterone to feel good.

It would be nice if you had reference ranges E2 and you’re missing the Free T measurement, the active portion of testosterone.

Thanks for replying!

Yes, I did a turinabol only cycle for 3 months a little more than 2 years ago. Some of the most stupid shit I’ve ever done. I know. It was fun while it lastet tho’.

That’s the only steroids I’ve ever used.

It’s been consistently low since then.

Hey, I’ve had many breaks. My workouts haven’t been very consistent. E.g during december I took two weeks off. These results are from last week.

A young men will have immature HPTA’s because it’s not fully developed and steroids usually causes damage, however if you were older say in your 50’s and did a cycle, I think the outcome would be different. You could have done a PCT and still end up here.

Too many young men are causing damage on these cycles and then they end up here. These steroid cycles could explain your low SHBG.

Thanks for really good insights systemlord!

I have no experience in the field of TRT at all. Is E2 the ratio between testo and estrogen?

This particular test did not have free testosterone in it, but my records from earlier tests has been around 7 and 8 (index). It has a recommended range from 2,3 - 9,9.

If I were to go on TRT now, what kind of doses and frequency would you suggest that I get?

I’ll order a doctors appointment right away to get those values as well.

If these Free T are the same now, I don’t think TRT will do anything for you. Who knows maybe your method of testing is the inaccurate, common in other countries who don’t have access to Equilibrium Dialysis or Ultrafiltration.

Start out low, 10-12mg daily and slowly work your way up and give each protocol a minimum 6 weeks. I started out high and took two years to learn I do very well on incredibly low doses, 7mg enanthate and 5mg cypionate daily.

A 10mg daily protocol lasted one week and I felt like I was going to die any moment.

I see now that I have tons of research to do because I only understand like 30% of this stuff.

So because I have a low SHGB and high free testosterone, it means that a lot of my total testosterone in my body are actually in use, and because of this I should keep the injections low, to avoid a too big spike, that might fuck with the E2? :smiley:

And becuase alot of my testosterone is in use, I might not even feel the difference when adding in injections?

Did I get it correctly?

OK, so you took an anabolic steroid for three months, when you were 25. Don’t beat yourself up for that. It’s not as though you went on a five year cycle starting when you were 18. Back when I was a competitive weightlifter, one who knew a lot or powerlifters and bodybuilders as well, a three month cycle would be no big deal. My guess is that you were probably operating with lower levels to begin, hence the “fun while it lasted” which I am taking to mean you had great results. While possible, I strongly doubt you screwed yourself up.

Water under the bridge now. Hopefully, you can find a doctor to work with. I can tell you this: Most (85-90%) of those on TRT take 150-200mg injections once weekly. I’m omitting gel and pellet users. These are guys underground/internet/black market, going through their PCP, a urologist, endocrinologist (though many of those take twice monthly injections) and TRT clinic patients. These guys are not aware of what E2 is, SHBG or product half lives. If I am you, I would start with 150mg once a week. See how that works for you. Give it eight weeks. You can adjust dosing and add injections from there, if needed. Keep it simple to start. Also, don’t get hung up on ab numbers. If you are feeling good, and pleased with the result, stick with it. Good luck.

Maybe, maybe not. Both of these guys take 200mg injections once weekly, have for two to three years, and are doing great.



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I didn’t, and I shoot e7-10 days typically… SHBG has nothing to do with injection frequency

Lol, SHBG of 3, are they using proviron/DHT derived compounds by chance?


According to him, no.

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he’s LYING (just kidding, it’s possible)

Any insulin resistance though (sometimes its merely genetic, I routinely test between 10-25

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Shoot, I wouldn’t rule out anything, but he has no reason to lie. I believe him.

Regarding insulin resistance, no. Past history of significant AAS use.

My ranges over the past two to three years have been between 18-26.

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Same reason people like me lie… to avoid “well you’re dick must be tiny” style comments