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Would You Endorse A Worthless Piece Of Equipment


That you absolutely know is garbage

And you have to lie through your teeth about the great results you achieved from using it

Knowing that everyone at your gym will know about this

In standard infomercial format, complete with you interviewing random people in a mall and asking them if they can feel it isolating the lower ab region

For $1,000?


is it just a flat rate or do you get commision on it if the thing really takes off (like the shake weight?)???

That perfect sit up thing looks kinda lame but I bet you could get a decent ab workout out of it? I would definitely rep that thing for $50,000 lol


Shit, man, I'd do it for the lulz.


i'd do it for a grand


Flat rate, but you aren't obligated to any follow-up work. It's a one time deal, but with heavy enough rotation that you're remembered for years to come. You will be to the perfect situp as Tony Little is to the gazelle.


Why not? The people who trust those ads (see: shake weight) deserve to be relieved of their 3 easy payments for $69.99 anyway.


Agreed. If they're looking for shortcuts, despite years of being told that there are no shortcuts, then it's their fault on losing money.

I'm not gonna say how much, but I'd do it just to bring my worth up to absolutely nothing.

Well, maybe a little more would be nice.


I'd do it.

It's really for the masses to figure out if this stuff works or not.


I'd do you for a lot less.

Nice avatar.


He's growing his face back, too. Poor bees.
This T-1000 stuff is so nineties, though.


Probably not, but only because in the future I plan on doing independent research that I will obviously attach my name to. Otherwise I would absolutely do it.



I wouldn't ever endorse a piece of shit product, no matter what I was paid to do it for. Of course, I assume that if I were asked to endorse a product, I would already be in some sort of good standing and in the public eye, which would make it likely that I'm already earning pretty good money.

When thinking of this sort of thing, I am always reminded of an article by Hunter S. Thompson about Jean-Claude Killy and his post-Olympics endorsements for Chevrolet. Thompson worries about the possibility that athletes like Killy will more and more frequently demean their athletic accomplishments-accomplishments that regular people see as beyond extraordinary-by shilling for a few extra bucks.

About Killy, Thompson concludes while watching Killy's selling of himself that "nothing in his narrow, high-powered experience can allow him to understand how I can watch his act and say that it looks, to me, like a very hard dollarâ??maybe the hardest."

I suppose for me, it's a matter of how much money it would take to outweigh my dignity. I think at some point there is a price, because at some point there is an amount of money that would seriously change my life for the better. It would still have to be pretty high and it would also depend on the product. There's no amount of money I would shill cigarettes for, for example. If I were someone of some significant renown who would be a likely endorser of something, the price would have to be very, very high, to the point where it isn't likely I'd be paid that amount.

Besides, I probably wouldn't do well with all that money anyways. The worst thing that could happen to someone like me would be to win the lottery; I'd just turn into a bum and probably be dead within a few years.


I'd endorse if for whatever they paid me $5 or $5,000. If dumb ass people are gonna buy it anyways I might as well benefit. I mean, surrounded in a world filled with blind, ignorant, sheep I am starting to care less and less about others.


If it was legal to do so, would you sell heroin to kids? I mean, if dumb ass people are gonna buy it anyways, you might as well benefit.


So you'd have to really believe in the product.


X 2


For the right amount, I would - but only if I could point out that the equipment itself is not gonna do the work for them. They need to bring the commitment to use it, along with a sensible program overall (i.e., ab training alone won't cut it) and a reasonable diet plan. Then, if they want to use the ab rocker/swing/sling have at it.


Yes, REALLY believe in it. Even then I might not.


If you are a "fitness model", then it kinda goes with the job description take whatever work you agent gets for you... If you want to continue being a fitness model.