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Would You Eat Lion ?


Tucson restaurant to sell African lion tacos

WTF isn't this just eating cat but bigger? Why import it from Africa when there is a ready (and cheaper) supply of the locally produced domestic variety.

What next? Tiger? Better watch it IH they could be putting you on the menu next.


My ex-girlfriends nickname was Lion.

Yes, I ate Lion.


^well played good sir


Does it taste like Chicken?


fuck yeah id eat some lion


Yeah, I would try it once


Who's eatin who, motherfucker?!?


Umm... Where is the rest of that clip? It cuts out at the best part.


Umm... Where is the rest of that clip? It cuts out at the best part.


My God, could you imagine seeing a tiger like that coming at you, Jesus Christ man. I would shit my pants, and then be eaten.


You got that right! She was out of the brush and in the air like a shot!!

Here's one version of the clip.

There's better quality clips out there, but this is from tv..... it's not bad.


Fucking hell! That Tiger came from out of no where. It's just like a cat playing with a mouse.


I wouldn't personally, but I don't have a problem with it. They're not domestic animals, and would just as soon eat you, as that video illustrates.


Given the opportunity, I would absolutely eat lion.


Tasted like pie.

POON-tang pie.






skip to 2 min on the 2nd vid

Yeah I'd eat lion, but I want to try most exotic game animals for food at least once.


I'm surprised that isn't illegal considering lions are very close to being labelled an endangered species.
I'd only eat it if I won a fight where it was it or me. Even then I don't think I'd feel good about it.


I don't think I would eat lion. I am too old for new food.

Unless I was really hungry, then I might.