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Would You Eat Halal?


An older story but one I recently read about: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1315278/Top-supermarkets-secretly-sell-halal-Sainsburys-Tesco-Waitrose-M-S-dont-tell-meat-ritually-slaughtered.html

Turns out a lot of the meat in England is Halal whether you want it or not.

If you lived in England, would this at all effect your purchasing of food? Would you go out of your way to avoid this stuff?


What difference does it make?

Would you eat kosher food?


Huge difference between halal slaughter and kosher slaughter. Additionally, kosher slaughter is not being forced upon you. You have probably never eaten kosher meat in your life but half the meat you eat is halal.


For one it makes the process of killing the animal way more brutal. I'm no PETA advocate, but I don't see the sense in making an animal suffer anymore than it has to.

There are Christians on this forum (obvious) and I wouldn't be surprised if they had qualms consuming foods sacrificed to a false Idol.

Personally, when I eat out, I don't think twice whether it's Kosher or Halal. Now thinking about it, two of the restaurants I frequent, one is Lebanese and the other is Israeli. They probably use Halal and Kosher products.

But food I purchase to cook in my house? I wouldn't buy halal.


What is halal?


Under Islamic law, animals have to be slaughtered in a very specific way in order for a muslim to be permitted to consume it. Meat produced from this type of slaughter is considered "Halal"


Haha, You bring up the word Idol to Muslims about their faith, and your in for a long conversation

And to answer your question, I have ate Halal Before, But don't anymore, I refrain from meat for the most part now


As long as its certified Halal
But then again there is no agency, or association that "Certifies" Hala
Some people are blind followers
Emphasis on some


I'm from england and I think the whole thing sucks. I have no problem with things being available but forced, especially without being informed most of the time is a real kick in the nuts.

Any other country in the world, locals are first class citizens and foreigners are second but here it's the other way around, with foreign criminals getting away with crimes playing the "it's because I'm from (wherever)" card. britain is being completely ass-f*cked and the stupidest thing is the govt. are letting it happen, even inviting it. And halal is part of it but the tip of the iceberg.

If I were to move to another country, I would do it expecting to have to adapt to their ways, not expect them to change for me. Yet that is what is happening over here. If people want to live in a country that is like their own, how about staying in their own.

Many people will misread this is racism. It's not exactly, but I don't really care if people think that about me.


***However, when I'm doing the family shop I'm not looking to make a political statement- if it's cheaper than the alternative I'll buy it, screw any principles or accusations of hypocrisy, my first priority is feeding my family


It is neither sacrificed to a god and the god it would be sacrificed to if it was is supposedly the same as the Christian one.



The things that are halal in Austrian supermarkets have a sticker on it.

If you think about it, what sense would it make to have halal food if Muslims themselves would not know that it was halal.


I have eaten kosher food, at least food that was allegedly kosher.

Why would I care what magic ritual needs to be performed before it is seen fit for consumption by some cult or other?

For all I care they can sacrifice a goat to Baal, if the meat is alright Ill eat ot.


i'm more worried about catholically transported meat. There is no sticker for this one, and God only know how many truckers have a st christopher medal in their vehicle.


It's slaughtered in the name of Allah.

The Muslim slaughterman says the following before slaughtering: in the name of Allah, Allah is greatest (Bismillah, Allah Akbar)


Ritual cannibalism during mass, just saying.


In the name of =/= sacrificed to.

Also, Allah just means God.


Grocery stores in the west all have separate sections for Halal meat. However they will also sell Halal meat as regular non-Halal. This is the point of this thread. You could be eating Halal meat without your knowledge.

The sense? It is likely cheaper for a firm to have one standard killing process than multiple.


According to this video, they are being sacrificed to Allah. The animal must also face Mecca


Also, what if you're Sikh?

It's explicitly against your religion to eat Halal meat. You would be eating Halal meat unknowningly.