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Would You Drink It?


Hey guys, I just got back from my university gym where I work as a casual trainer (Full time 3rd year Uni student too). Anyway my boss gave me a box of "Up and Go" that were about to expire in a month.

To those not from Australia (I?m not sure if they have it in the States so please correct me if I?m wrong), Up and Go is a protein shake/energy drink manufactured by a local health food company known as ?Sanitarium?.

On the packet it reads ?high protein, low GI, 98.5% fat free?, and under the nutrition information, per 350ml serving(1packet): protein is 20.7g, total fat is 5.3g, of which 0.7 saturated, 3.2g polyunsaturated, 1.4g monounsaturated, carbohydrate is 39.6g of which 25.2 is sugar. Nothing really wrong with that but I was pretty stunned and disappointed when I read what the beverage contained. Bare with me guys, ?Filtered water, skim milk powder, cane sugar, SOY PROTEIN, wheat maltodextrin, whey protein, sunflower oil, fructose, chicory inulin, Hi-maize starch, cocoa, etc etc?.

Now most of us know that SOY protein is the ?devil? to us male weightlifters albeit its nutritional benefits to females. My question is, to drink or not to drink. Each packet is about Australian$2.50/ US$1.92 and I have 15 packets altogether. Should I just ignore the soy protein and drink it or should I throw it all away? One packet may be fine but if I drank all 15 in a month, would the soy leave its damaging effects on my body?
What would you do and what do you think?


I wouldn't touch that castrating protein with a 10 foot pole. Give it to some hottie at your gym. :wink: Tell her it was free, so you have no problem giving it away, especially since you're A MAN and have no use for soy protein yourself. See this will set up the whole "I'm a man, you're a woman..." vibe. Good luck.


Soy protein is poison for men, women, and children period!



Id feed it to the neighbors dog, wouldnt even let my dog have it.


ok so slap me if I am stupid, most likely the case. So then say for example, GNC brand 100% Whey protein contains "Milk and Soybeans". Does that mean it should be avoided?




Yes i would like to know this also.
I take GNC mega whey extreme (60g per serving of protien)


Realizing that soy isn't all that its cracked up to be, and that it should't be in your diet, I'm guessig that you'd like to use them because you'd like to not have to buy anything else.

Just use it once a week, post workout. It is the only time you'll be eating soy. Is it going to kill you? Since you got it for free, you could give it away, but I'd rather use it than throw it out.


Yea, if your buying protein, the only thing you should get is Grow! or Metabolic Drive because everything else is poision...

But, yea, avoid buying soy at all costs (you can use milk powder as a better protein source), and look for high quality protiens with casien. You probibly won't find much cheaper than if you get Metabolic Drive fom the site here.


I didnt find T-Nation until AFTER i spent a bunch of money at GNC

so i get that in the future i need to buy Grow! and i will..
but for now.. is the stuff i'm taking that bad? and if is (poison? really?) why is it that bad?

here is the label

Once per day, consume 2 to 3 scoops of Mega Whey Extreme 30 minutes after your workout. On non-training days, consume 2 to 3 scoops first thing in the morning.

Supplement Facts 	
Serving Size  75 grams 	
Servings Per Container  18 	
Amount Per Serving 	  	% DV 	
Calories  	  270.00 	  2%  	
Calories from Fat  	  10.00 	  10%  	
Total Fat  	  1.00 g 	  15%  	
Saturated Fat  	  0.50 g 	  2%  	
Cholesterol  	  30.00 mg 	  0%  	
Sodium  	  350.00 mg 	    	
Total Carbohydrate  	  6.00 g 	    	
Dietary Fiber  	  0.00 g 	    	
Sugars  	  2.00 g 	    	
Protein  	  60.00 g 	    	
Vitamin A  	  0.00 IU 	  0%  	
Vitamin C  	  0.00 mg 	  0%  	
Calcium  	  300.00 mg 	  30%  	
Iron  	  0.36 mg 	  2%  	

** Daily Value (DV) not established

Other Ingredients: Whey Protein Isolate, Natural and Artificial Flavors, Sucralose, Salt, Aminogen


60g with 3 scoops, right? I did some research and found that the amout of protein per serving depends on the size of the scoop and number of scoops per serving. I've seen your standard 2lb jug state 20g per serving, 1 scoop per serving, 30 servings per jug. The next brand says 40g per serving, 2 scoops per serving, 15 servings per jug. Marketing.


Sorry, I was being sarcastic.

I don't see any soy in there.


From what I could figure, theres generally 2 factors (pure protien, no post workout or mass gainers).

2 main sizes of scoops, a 75 cubic centimeter and a 95 cc. for whey isolate, 75cc is 20g protien, and 95 is closer to 28 or 30.

whey concentrate is 70-85% protein, so it is less protein per scoop.


I guess my point is that bigger scoop or more scoops = more protein. Some of the advertising would lead you to believe that some powder is super concentrated or something. You have to read the lables. "40G per serving", well no crap, you just doubled the normal serving size and called it a single serving.


well i knew it wasnt really poison, just didnt know if you were trying to promote Biotest (nothing wrong with that) of if this stuff was really that bad..

i think it does say something about soy on the label though, (not the online one) i'll check my container when i get home..

i really like the taste of this stuff (vanilla) and i like that i'm getting 60g of protien per shake (3 scoops)
but if it's shit then when i run out i'll buy something different..

thanks for the info..




Hehe i'm taking everyone's advice and yours in particular! I've decided to give them away to the pretty chicks, and sell them to "ghouls" and clueless male wannabe bodybuilders =)

Does that make me evil or is it just retribution to dummies?


Yes, I would.

It won't kill you.

Don't drink it PWO, get real protein their, just substitute it for another protein shake you might have during the day.

Soy's only evil if you eat it like a one of those granola crunching hippies that thinks being a vegitarian and eating only soy protein is good for you.


Mate, it is only 'Up and Go'. This is what half our lazy ass popluation has for breakfast because they cant be arsed doing anything else.

These are marketed as breakfast drinks for the gullible fat arse people of our country and are sold in the breakfast cereal section of supermarkets. You sound like you think this stuff might be gold.

If you dont have the cash to buy real food or protein powder, then drink them as it is better than nothing. If you can afford real food and protein then put then on the front counter at the gym with a sign saying that they are free and they will very quickly dissapear from your sight and mind.


I'm a MAN

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