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Would You Do Test E+Cyp EOD?

Hi, I usually do 0.25mL (200mg) of Test 400 (Test E+Cyp, both long esters) twice a week intramuscularly but I’m switching to subq soon and planning to do it EOD with a smaller dosage (but still the same amount per week). Would EOD work for long ester Test?

I’m also adding in Tren 150 (mixture of short and long esters) soon and planning to do it subq too EOD.

My question is basically, would doing long esters EOD have any negative effects? Or would it be better if I do TWO subq shots every 3-4 days? (I’m also not asking what you think about subq lol)

Thanks in advance!

Yes but that’s not necessary for most, unless you just like sticking yourself.

When it comes to pinning ‘more’ with long esters there is no down side but again its just not necessary either. I wouldn’t run a tren blend. Just run ace unless you’ve got a lot of experience with it then you can run the longer ester.

I’m not planning on using tren, but my thoughts are if low enough dose that tren e could make more sense especially if tapering up slowly. Starting at around 100 mg/wk. The biggest advantage is cost from most ugl is about the same for both, but the tren e comes at double the concentration. Also the spike from ace causes to cough from what I’ve heard, and I would think that wouldn’t be as much of an issue with e?