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Would You Change Protocol With These Lab Results?

200mg TestC E5D. Everything is feeling good, just wondering if anything could be better… My Clinic is happy as long as Test is up and E2 is down. Going to try to have AI removed from mix and see where things level out, but not sure if they’ll even do that…

Thank you to all you guys who know your shit, you are appreciated.

and HUUUGE thanks to anybody who takes the time to look at these labs and give me some feedback, cause honestly, my clinic doesn’t seam to know half what you’all do.

Your Estradiol is way too low. WAY too low. The only one that looked okay was when it was 50 andyour total T was almost 1500. I’m not saying that you need to be that high, but that one was in ratio. It’s fairly normal to run on the high end to above range on TRT, your body doesn’t handle it exactly the same as natural test.

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That kinda what I was wondering. Hope they will remove the AI for me, since the cholesterol is a little elevated also… not bad, but could be better.