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Would You Buy a GM Vehicle?


GM is breaking contracts with thousands of dealers. Yet we should trust a GM warranty?

GM will be owned by the Feds and the UAW. Should we trust the quality of the product?

The Feds broke solemn contractual bond agreements because there are more UAW voters, and they tend to vote the 'right' way.

"I will stop the motor of the world." --- John Galt


The only American car I ever wanted was the Challenger and the new SVT Raptor.


No more GM, Ford, or Chrysler for me. I think it is absolutly appauling the political support the UAW has purchased. I was ready to trade my 530xi in for a cheby pick-em-up truck. Now looking at a Tundra Crewmax. It's too bad, i really wanted a GM truck. When we are done with the wifes Denali, it will probably be replaced with an x5 or MDX.


GM hasn't made anything good in a long time, not anything that compare with anything from Japan or Germany. People aren't stupid, they aren't going to buy piece of shit cars anymore. You cannot kill a car from Japan or Germany. Believe me I have tried, and after 245,000 miles that sucker keeps on trucking with the original engine.


Nope, I have a standing rule that I won't purchase a vehicle from an auto company that got "bailed out", and I am encouraging everyone that I know to do the same.

To the extent possible, I will do the same with banking services.


European cars all the way dude.



With the new CAFE standards, I don't think we'll have much to choose from. It will cost too much for Japanese or European cars to meet the standard. American companies won't be able to meet it either, without more of your tax money. Shhh. We aren't supposed to talk about that yet. But we will later.



Their quality is a long way from anything good, and has been for a long time. The only thing they did well over the past few years was trucks, and I have no need for one. In addition I don't like the political situation and I refuse to support it.


GM, who are they?


All you "American cars suck" assholes can blow me. Quality is absolutely comparible, it's just become "cool" to badmouth American made as trash.

My 2001 Dodge Grand Caravan has 120k and is still just as strong and solid as when it was new. I was pulling 75 mph up a 6% grade at 9000 ft yesterday, passing Hondas and VWs all the way up.

My 1998 Dodge 1500 4x4 will still get me anywhere I need to go, and I guarantee you'll have to chain up your Toyota long before I have to.

My 2004 Pontiac Vibe is basically a Toyota Matrix, but it's still Made in America at the NUMMI plant in CA. Great little car that gets 32mpg average, I bought it used with 38k on it and have put over 50k on in three years. Love the low maint and an reliability, but it really isn't any better or worse than my Dodge.


GM cars and trucks and ford trucks are certianly up to par if not better than most of their foreign counter parts. I am not a big fan of the ford car auto trannies. The focus is a fun right though.

I worked on cars through college and swor I would never own a mopar. They were all cheap shit. This was before being bought by Daimler though. I am sure they are better now than in the mid 90s. I still cant get past their interiors though. I really wanted a 300c but just could not get past the cheap plastic in the interior. We also looked at a new durango before buying a used Envoy LT and thought the same of that interior.

I can't recall ever riding in a honda or nissan I liked. The Acura and Infiniti lines are much better.

Some Toyota's are pretty nice. I heard they had some axel trouble with Tundras. Hopefully the new ones are better.

Hyundia is the one to watch. I have rented a few of their cars and they are not bad at all. The rental car versions are usually pretty sad for any model.

I will never buy another car made by the UAW or from a company partially owned by the UAW. Luckily there are more options now for those that would like to purchase vehicles built in the US but not by a power hungry union ripping off the tax payer.


There is a reason why Toyota is #1, they are indestructible. You can't kill them if you try in most cases. The last thing anyone wants to deal with is car trouble, because it's so inconvenient. I have seen so many Escalades that leak oil after 10k miles. Pathetic.


FUCK NO, NEVER. Ford guy for life here


Fucked Over Rebuilt Dodge?


Yep, my wife's Escalade does that. My Dodge Ram is a great truck and runs like a top.

I agree with Thunderbolt on not dealing with bailed out companies. They used government to extort wealth from victims, in order to save themselves. No wonder sales of Atlas Shrugged are through the roof! :wink:


I think the most disturbing part is that the UAW will own a chunk of GM while controlling the labor force of Ford.

I'm currently in the marked for a knew car, and I can tell you it won't be from any bailout company.


They are going to own a lot more of chrysler. Not to mention gov't board seats.


The whole thing is fubar.


Part of America died today. A great company, one of the foundation stones of this, the greatest and most moral country in the history of the world, died.

It died because unions and management had to confront each other, instead of pulling together for all their own good. The company was destroyed because the workers and management no longer deserved to have this magnificent company.

It died because politicians interceded in markets. It died because no country can exist as half-slave and half-free. We dressed it up and called it a 'mixed economy' and allowed politicians to 'put a human face on capitalism'. Yeah. That face now stands in long lines at the unemployment office.

Goodbye GM. We didn't deserve you anymore. This has become the land of Obama, and Santomajor...the land of Nancy Pelosi..the land of marriage for homosexual perverts...the land where voters who live on park benches get to decide the fate of huge industries. We milked you dry and so you've left us. We are getting JUST EXACTLY what we deserve. Such is Justice.


I've had no issue whatsoever with Ford Trucks and I've owned a lot of them and used them hard. Never a big GM fan. I loved the 300 M Chrysler my wife owned. Nice looking car, reliable and pretty peppy for a sedan.