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Would You Buy a Fiat?


I am taking a poll because I wonder if they will sell in the US.

A Yes or No is all I am looking for.


I think it's a damaged brand name in the US: as one way of putting it, an exactly identical car but for name and badges could fetch more money under some more-respected brand names.

The problem is, in Europe Fiat has had time to earn a better reputation. The reputation is according to the cars they've built in recent years.

But US consumers know nothing about that, and only have recollections of the Fiats that have been sold here. Which were not wise purchases.

Fact is, Fiat has done wonders for Ferrari (as one example.) It's a solid company.

But the Fiats sold in the US were crap.


Oh, sorry about the fact that you were looking for only a yes or no. If that had registered with me, with that attitude I wouldn't have bothered answering at all.






there's one in the woods up the street from my house in ct..serious




Yes. They are really changing things around.




A newer model, Yes.

Old Fiat, No, they were notoriously unreliable.



Never. The new BIG 3 are all Japanese cars and I don't see it any other way.


If they built a car that I wanted, I would buy one. Same goes for any product out there. If you're asking me would I buy a Fiat right now? No.



They won't sell here in the US. There is a reason why FIAT means "Fix It Again Tony."




I've reconsidered. I'll take 12.



Drove a Fiat Palio for 3 months. Very quiet but fast and powerful at the same time. (Compared to 3 Toyotas, a Suzuki, a Honda Civic and a Mustang)




Do I have to buy the whole car? Can I just get a couple tires and a seatbelt?


I'm counting this as a No.


I'll take this as a Yes, with a color preference.