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Would You Be Offended?


Okay, so here's whats up.

I'm currently taking grade 12 co-op. If you dont know what it is, its basically a "working program" for grade 11-12 students to be placed and "trained" in a working environment of their choice. I'm taking full day co-op and I will be working in a gym for 8 hours a day 5 times a week. If you pass it, you'll get 4 credits.

Now here's the thing.

We all know that some "trainers" in the gym (or at least in the gyms I've been in), dont really do much and they just walk around waiting for their shifts to be over. Some will offer advice (again in the gyms I've been in), but it most likely will be crap, ie. bosu ball one legged squats, quarter squats, endless curls and pre-made, non-individual programs.

Im not generalizing here, but in the places I've been in, its been the case.

So do you guys think, it would offend "these trainers" if they see me trying to correct some techniques and not necessarily giving out programs as I'm not qualified, DUH. I just wanna make the most of this opportunity and see what it feels like to work in a gym and actually try and help someone out. I can do what some of them do and just put stuff away, but I really wanna help out.

I might rub some people the wrong way, you know? If you were one of them would you be offended?


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As a trainer, it would not "offend" me, as long as what you're instructing the person to do will not injure them.

BTW- as a trainer who "walks around" at times, I dont' go up to people and correct them, because people for the most part don't want to be corrected, don't want to be told that what they're doing is wrong.
Now, if it's putting them in immediate danger I will say something, but for the average joe that is doing a cable tricep extension and making it more of a lat exercise, no I won't say anything.


I wasn't kidding.