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Would you be a pornstar?

I was recently in Cali for a week on spring break and met some very interesting people. Of these people was a fairly well known actress in the adult film industry. I’ll spare the details but she said that I could definitely get a me a job. NO GAY PORN EITHER.
At first I politely declined. Then a few days of partying later, I almost reconsidered but my good friend (the one who introduced me) brought up some valid points. Anyway I didn’t, nor will I ever. BUT, I do think about it now and again now that I’m back in Jersey.

BTW, did you know that when they do internal money shots and expulsion it’s not actually cum but pina colada mix. Mmmmm!

I am a pornstar

I hear mine tastes like pina colada.

Up Side - You have sex with some hot chicks. And because it’s for porn, you know you get to do stuff that will take a couple of months of begging to do with normal girls. You make some extra money and have a really cool story for the bar.

Down Side - Someday you meet the right girl. Things go good. Of course her best friend or ex hates you. Now she or he has an example of you sleeping with another girl, and in porn no less.

I think you made the right call.

Oh, I did know the pina colada thing. And if it’s a cheap production, they will try to use joy dish soap for facials.

no i wouldnt and for five good reasons:

  1. aids

  2. it would disgrace my family

  3. my dick isnt big enough

  4. i cant last long enough

  5. my ass is to hairy


What were your friend’s “vaild points”?

Up Side - You have sex with some hot chicks. And because it’s for porn, you know you get to do stuff that will take a couple of months of begging to do with normal girls. You make some extra money and have a really cool story for the bar.

Help me understand why the women in porn are usually pretty hot and the guys are always ugly. Sure they might be hung and all, but I would much rather see an attractive guy that’s average than some dweeby lookin guido with a big schlong.

Sorry for the hijack. Resume your original thread.

in a heartbeat, but no glove, no love…

"3) my dick isnt big enough

  1. i cant last long enough

  2. my ass is to hairy"

#3 is your problem and it ain’t going away. They say the surgery for penile augmentation is somewhat risky as you prob already know from your exhaustive research

#4- They use various methods to last longer, BUT most common one being 2 or 3 takes- its not all in 1 shot-pardon the pun.
But yeah, you do need to last more than 5 minutes.

Ericka- i always wondered that myself. SOme guys are jacked, in fact its always the same 2 jacked guys on the porn channels I get thanks to my black box.
BUt most of the rest are ugly or weird looking. THey may be the producers or friends of the producers.

Why are the guys ugly?

It is a market comprised almost entirley of men. The industry is less concerned about appealing to women.

PDog… oh my… you’re still good with dry humping though right??? lol!!

Ericka… I agree… I’m pretty tiny and if a guy comes at me with a towering cock I tend to run screaming from the room… shouting things like… “why… why did I ever think to leave Cecil…”

If porn was more ‘realistic’ I think it could catch on… ha! What I mean is that you might get a few more girls to watch… not that I do… I mean… there’s nothing wrong with consentual practices involving goats and industrial strength lube, is there?

I’d do it for the free boob job and yearly subscription to Gerbilube!!!


chester blu: you gotta be the coolest chick on this forum!

Ericka - there is a good reason for this, you need to get up at 5 in the morning, in the cold weather, have 15 diffrent people filming you and talking to you as your trying to hump some girl, you need to last as long as nessecary, and you need to do it repeatedly throughout the day for shit pay. Thats why you see the same ugly doofuses every porn film ya watch… read it off some asian chicks website

I wouldn’t do it, but more importantly I couldn’t.

First of all, I highly doubt I could get or hold an erection under the circumstances of a porn shoot.
While average in size my penis would look small in porn. One good reason that guys are hung in porn is that it allows you to see the penetration better because he can pull further out and away. I don’t really believe the guys are as bad as they used to be. You don’t see too many Ron Jeremy types or Joey Silvera or Mike Horner (oh DAMMIT those two last guys are annoying), and it’s not exactly like all the chicks are hot either.

I also wouldn’t do it because I doubt it’d be all that “sexy” with the different stuff going on around you, and the fact that it’s porn and other people watch it.


A producer mentionned that this business is just like all the rest… a business!

And it`s hard to know if you are camera-shy until you try it.

There`s a reason why they do auditions… even in the porn industry.

And, by the way, that soap/pina-colada thing is too obvious.

I do not view porn as just “business.” This parallels my opinion that sex is not just another action, such as touching your elbow; there is something inhernetly and essentially different about the action. I am sad to see sex exploited everywhere on tv and in the media; what has happened to the specialness of it? Sex is too often seen as a simple casual act with no meaning attatched to it, and I think this has a detremental effect on our society, especially the women.

After viewing porn, men report lesser feelings for their significant others and hold them to higher expectations and standards. Obviously, this isnt fair for the women, and it puts them under a new pressure to become more ‘slutty’ to live up to this pressure. I go to a school where I see SO many girls with eating disorders, and it truly makes me sad for them. (I’m not saying that porn=eating disorders, but its a contributor for the general pressure put on girls in America today).

So, I’m glad that you didnt decide to follow that path into the porn industry, since it cheapens the potential specialness that sex holds. And if you dont think that sex is special, then explain all of the exceptional rules for it across many cultures, and most of all, explain the horrible feeling that girls get after they ‘hook up.’ Even if men don’t see it (in which case if they hook up or have a one-night-stand they wouldnt by definition), but more often than not, girls go crying to their girlfriends about it, and if they assume the male’s point of view of sex, a lot of times they end up depressed and feeling very washed up and used. All you need to do is pay attention to the reactions that follow the actions that occur due to the common acceptance of casual sex as seen on tv, heard in music, and perpetuated through porn.

This may not be the place to put this post, seeing as its on a ‘testosterone’ website, but I just had to throw in my two cents.

Herb311, your post covers a lot of what a HS buddy of mine told me about the porn business. He’s been an actor since he was a kid, and is living in San Diego awa LA trying to get his big break.

This guy is a womanizer, a cold-hearted dude who sees women as nothing but sex objects and all he cares about is whether or not they’re a good fuck. (He does use the excuse that he had his heart broken by his HS sweetheart, who cheated on him, but I think its a coverup. )
ANyway, he considered porn seriously, but a) he’s Irish, which puts him at a distinct disadvantage re: the plumbing :wink: and b) its not as easy as it looks. Fucking in front of cameramen, directors, light and sound techs, etc awa other porn stars waiting to jump in requires some courage. Then you have to last long, as already mentioned. You have to be able to get it up all the time but I’m sure Viagra helps.
Also, once you do porn, there’s no turning back. It can and will come back to haunt you if you move on to any type of job where you’re in the public eye (teacher, elected official, police, fire dept, etc), not to mention Hollywood, they don’t touch porno stars.

KATOBIE: I agree with you on most of your post. The just business thing came from a producer. On a similar note, the female winner of PornStarAcademy said something similar on radio. She mentionned that theres not too much fun involved in the process. She said, first and foremost, youre there to produce something that looks good. How she feels in the process not that important. Hence why they`re called actors.

Considering the positions actors have to take for the sake of good camera angles, the number of takes and retakes for a particular scene or shot, a long filming process, people who more or less know their partners before doing the nasty, and so many other variables only insiders know, I understand the girl and the producer. This business is not just for anybody. And its a business first. Theyre not called actors for nothing.

I also agree with the rest of your post. Sex should be something special. And it is starting to irritate me to see that it is everywhere.

Mini-rant, mini-hijack

Yes, it sells. Like an epidemy, the Sex Factor/Sexy image seems to have contaminated almost all industries in their marketing tactics. Tactics used in the past only by beer companies and the porn industry are now everywhere. Take out the babes in the ads and most guys would never notice said ads.

But too much is just as bad as not enough.

End mini-hijack mini-rant.

DAN, I junderstand where you’re coming from about them being actors.

On the side, I just wanted to point out that romance novels, “cosmo,” etc has the same effect on guys that porn has on girls, which is why i REFUSE to pick up anything of the sort. So for anyone thinking I’m a nutty feminist, I’m not; I just advocate respect for sex and both genders.