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Would You Add Dbol Mid Cycle?


yes no why? under what conditions?
how about at the end


Towards the end, to transition to PCT.

Mid cycle is fine too.


yes, later in cycle before PCT

or mid cycle if you need a "boost"


sweet thanks

how do you go about PCT then? test long esters end, dbol continues during the 2 week transition then PCT right after with no pause?


You can do it that way. But I'd still end it a little earlier.


I always wait a few weeks into my cycles before adding in orals. Just my way of doing things... I feel its better to wait untill the injectables are 'kicking in' then hit the 'nitro' so to speak to get the most synergy out of the cycle and the most results.


I'm glad you said that Prisoner

I had been debating on when to use my dbol and i'm gonna wait till a few weeks in now


no problem bro.. and I like your user name!!! seems like you thought that one out quite well :slight_smile: