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Would this work??

Is there any reason why this wouldn’t work?? Would it be beneficial?? I had an idea while I was trying to fall asleep last night. My idea was to use chains for chin ups like you do for squats or bench press. I was thinking if you looped the chains around your feet it would increase the weight as you pulled up. This would probably be good for people who were weak in the top part of the chin. Has anyone ever tried this? Am I off base with my thinking?
:slight_smile: Groove

I know a lot of people who are weak in the top part of a chin-up. But (unless I’m wrong) the top part of the bench and squat is where we are the strongest - so the chains keep the difficulty the same. It sounds the opposite for chain chins.

On the other hand, it does sound like a neat idea.

This may work to some degree. Hang powerbands from the chin-up bar and find a way to fasten them to your feet (or your waist) The bottom portion of the lift will be easier (thanks to the action of the bands) while the top part will still take some effort as the bands contract.

Yah, my thinking was that it would make it harder at the top of the movement because more of the chain would be hanging off the ground. Thinking about it now though I guess that may not be good if you are weak in the top part. I guess if you are fairly balanced throughout the range of the chin it would be a neat little change from regular chins. I don;t know I was just thinking.
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Okay, tie a rope to a chain, and loop the rope OVER the chin bar and tie it to your feet (or whatever). As you rise, more of the chain will go onto the floor - lightening the load. Hmmmn.

How about holding a weight in your feet for the first part of the chin up and then dropping it as you near the top part of the lift.

You would then have less weight to lift for the more difficult part of the exercise.

The plate would work for 1 rep. I like the rope idea

this is what you think about when trying to fall asleep?

good, i guess im not the only one

Seriously, sometimes I can;t fall asleep for a couple hours because I’ll be thinking about training or something related. Sometimes it is a good thing and soetimes like last night it is a pain in the ass. I was up at 5:30 to catch a plane and I couldn;t fall asleep till 2 AM. This also might have something to do with the fact that I took 1250 mgs of caffeine with my power drive by accident instead of 250. Man was I wired.
:slight_smile: Groove

I used to think about naked chicks when trying to fall asleep. Touching, caressing, licking etc etc. For the past 6 months, since I discovered t-mag, I think about naked chicks while I’m in the gym and think about reps, sets, pronated grips, neutral grips, toes in, toes out, whether I should try that exercise as an isolateral move instead next time, whether I could lift more if I contract my glutes etc etc. Hell, I wake up in the middle of the night thinking about my next work-out. Holy shit, we’re creating a serious market for psychotherapists in the coming years.

Forget my rope/chain thing … I’m an idiot.

Regarding the “bands” thing, if you do it, it’s a good idea to wear jeans and loop the band through your belt or one of the loops for assistance. Your feet would be pretty awkward.

Pullups are my favorite.

Hey Groove… that sounds like a good idea. It is something that will allow for a different stimulus. I think it takes compensatory acceleration on the lats to a whole new level.

Actually, one benefit is that exploding at the bottom would be required, since you’re losing a lot more energy near the top.