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Would This Program Work?

Hey, i have been inspired from the 531 BBB program made by Wendler. This one, https://www.t-nation.com/workouts/boring-but-big-3-month-challenge.

What do u think of this one, inspired from him, made by me? Am currently using a simple upper/lower program, but i want to mix it up a bit. Would say that i am a novice lifter, but the upper/lower routine suits me very well.

Monday: Benchpress, Military Press, Chins, Curls, Pushdown, Face pulls, Side lateral raise
Tuesday: Squat, Deadlift, Leg press, T Bar Row
Wednesday: Off
Thursday: Benchpress, DB rows, Militarypress, Flyes, Pushdown, Face pulls
Friday: Same as Tuesday
Saturday and Sunday are off. 3x10 on every excerciese, will try to increase in weights every week.

Its, as u can see, almost the same as Wendlers routine, But i have added on Flyes/Side Lateral Raise aswell, and have reduced the sets from 10x5 to 10x3. Will perform every excerciese with 100% of my TM, and not just 50%.


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