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Would This Plan Work for HP Mass?

First an foremost a big thank you to Coach Thibs for all the information out here!

I’m new at the forums but I’ve been following Coach Thibs for couple of years now. I’ve been lifting for about 3 years, and I have been trying to incorporate Thibs methods to my best ability ever since I read the Perfect Rep article.

At the moment I’m doing the I BB 4 day split Thibs posted in this thread

I’ve been doing it since summer and thought of giving a shot to HP Mass system.

I’m able to hit the gym 4 times a week, and I can do neural charge workouts and sled work with a tire on the other days so I tried to incorporate bicep and lat work for the regular gym days.

I’m a newbie so all the guidance and advice on my routine are more than welcome!

Something like this is what I was thinking of…

monday upper body press

push press
-machine pullover
close grip bench press
-rear delts in a machine
bench press
-lateral rises

tuesday upper body press

push press
-machine pullover
close grip bench press
-face pull
bench press
-barbell shrugs


    whole body neural charge workout

thursday lowerbody press

leg press
-bicep curls
close grip benchpress

friday lowerbody press

leg press
-preacher curls

saturday sledwork
going through the whole body

whole body neural charge workout

Thanks in advance!

i’d like more rowing in there myself

Thanks for the reply swans!

For example I could change the other lowerbody days pull downs for bb bentover rows, or do you think a lot more should be changed for better push/pull ratio?

Again, all advice is welcome because I really want to make the best out of it!

Do you think lats and biceps will get enough work due to not having a complete workout for just them?

mon - stagger with pullovers, a row and rear delts…maybe stagger laterals with deads
tue - stagger pulldowns, a row, and face pulls…shrugs with leg press
thu - stagger straight arm pulldowns, curls, hammer curls
fri - anything you want to double up on then stagger this day

the i bodybuilder is very different then hp mass though…it’s 5 days which you’re doing now so why not just do that? its a great progam

I appreciate the input man.

I really can make it to gym barely 4 times a week. I’m a student trying to graduate soon, got 2 kids and a wife plus a part time job. So I just got to be home sometime…

Neural charge workouts I can knock out in 20 mins in my living room and sled work can be done in a near by parking lot. NC and sled work i can easily do after the kids go to sleep and without the training cutting too much of my sleeping time.

To be honest with you, I feel like a jackass trying to modify Coach Thibaudeaus program, but I seriously want to make the best of the time I have.

I would like to think the essentials are there even if it’s not the exact program?

Anyone else feel free if you want to weigh in on this.

you can still use the principles which is more the point of the program

i’m about to have, well not me but the wife, our first in the next couple of days so i’ve shortened each day but will train upper/lower press x 5 - 6/week to keep session under an hr…not the program but the principles still

your main exercise set up with my suggested assistance/staggered set set up should work

Congrats swans! The time spent in the gym will come in need after you have a baby, thats actually what got me in the gym in the first place. Since its hectic at home, its good to do something for just your self.

And again, thanks for the help… I will definitely apply your suggestions to the program.

Would you like to post your program? I understand if not, but Id like to see how you laid it down.

^never mind posting the program, I saw it in the q/a thread.