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Would This Deadlift Pass at a PL Competition?

It doesn’t look like a hitch to me, just getting stuck before lockout.

It might pass, it might not, a side view would be useful. It looks more like ramping (basically wedging your thighs under the bar and using them to help finish the lift) than actually hitching if that makes any difference. Just don’t try to cheat the lockout and you should be OK.

How did IPL worlds go?


Hard to say without a side but I’m going to say 2 and 3 definitely were ramping and not locked out. 1 was questionable. Better to be safe than sorry, strong ass pulls though.

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I don’t have a side view unfortunately, but I’ll take a video from the side. I understand, but isn’t ramping sort of leaning back and getting under the bar?

IPL worlds didn’t go great. I went 270/170/300. I fried my back on squats cause it was really hard so that made deadlifts a bitch. Bench opener flew up, but they misloaded the bar and added 15kg to my 2nd attempt and I only wanted 10kg. I missed the WR total by 2.5kg sadly. Oh well… I really wanna fuck shit up next year as it’s my last year as a teen.

Ffrom the view we have available, you are going to get called for hitching at least sometimes. You might get away with it sometimes, or most of the time depending what fed you’re in, but it does need cleaning up in my opinion.

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That’s not bad still. Pretty sure you will be well ahead of those numbers next year.

You would have to look around for an exact definition, but the way I understand it it’s using the surface of your thighs to push the bar up/forward. Hitching is supporting the bar on your thighs, and often when people do that they also change their hip and back position for better leverages. They are similar, and neither is allowed. But the bar can touch your thighs (obviously) and what you are doing there may or may not be considered ramping, mostly depending on how it looks from the side.

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Ok so I’ll get my deadlifts filmed from a side next time. And thanks @chris_ottawa, hopefully that will happen, my deadlift and bench are increasing, but I’m having trouble with my squat…

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I once had a USPA official explain how they determine if a hitch occurs. Basically, they look at the side view of the knee joint. Once you start the pull, the angle of the knee joint should only increase. If there is any secondary bending of the knee during the pull, it was a hitch.


Ohh okay, that makes a lot of sense. Thanks man!

That sounds like a rather strict interpretation, but if that’s the case then he would definitely get some red lights here.

What’s wrong with your squat? I remember you were having issues getting that last inch or two of depth, is that still the problem?

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Whenever I load something heavier, I start to lean forward. I think I’m just not pushing my elbows down enough, because they start to rise when coming out of the hole and I get stuck in the middle. When I grip the bar hard with my whole hand, it’s hard for me to keep my elbows down. I use wrist wraps, so would it be a bad idea to hold it more in my fingers and try pushing my elbows down more? Kind of like what Yury Belkin does.

Depth is not much of a problem anymore, but not 100% yet. I passed at my meet with 2 whites and one red.

For squats, I’ve had a lot of luck with doing a thumbless grip and rotating my hands out a bit, almost taking the pad of the thumb (on your palm) off the bar a bit. I feel like when it comes to elbows popping up on the concentric, there is sort of a turn-over point with elbow starting position. If you start with elbows too high it makes if very hard and unnatural to push them forward and drive the weight back out of the hole. Once you’re able to begin with the elbows tucked under the bar more, I’ve found there is a point where it feels natural to drive elbows forward and push back out of the hole. Not sure if this makes much sense…

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Yeah I personally think it’s more along the lines of every hitch has a secondary knee bench but not every secondary knee bend is a result of hitching.

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Ok, so like you do in your profile pic. I do start with my elbows down, but I only lean forward when they rise. I would link videos but I haven’t uploaded them anywhere.

Yep like in the pic. It might feel weird at first like the bar isn’t going to stay in position, but if you wedge in tight enough it’s plenty secure.

Just took a look at some of your squats on IG. You’ve got a pretty significant forward lean both on the way down and out of the hole. Given that you’re a 300 kg puller, you obviously have a strong back which is probably why (I’m guessing) this position feels best, but I think you could benefit from trying to get to a slightly more upright squat. A cue that really helps me is pushing my hips apart. Basically, while you’re squatting imagine someone has there hands on the outside of your thighs, and you’re trying to push into them. What this does is opens your hips up so that as you come down, your torso has somewhere it can go without your but having to go way back (and your upper body leaning way forward). The less far back your butt has to travel the more upright you can stay.


Alright, I understand. That’s gonna be hard lol. What if I put a rubber band around both of my knees to help think about pushing out?

Could I send the video to you through ig so I don’t have to upload it anywhere?

Do you ever find that your back rounds on squats or it feels like you are losing tension in your back? I looked at a few of your videos and the way your arms move both as you descend and come up give the impression that you aren’t engaging your lats properly. You need to pull the bar down into your back, from the start to the finish of each rep. The lats connect the upper body to the hips and using them will give you more stability. This could make a significant difference. Regarding grip, just find whatever is least uncomfortable and allows you to get tight.

Another thing is to make sure to push the bar up with your back as you come out of the hole, if you just push with your legs like you were doing a leg press then you can get thrown forward. However, keep in mind that everyone has to fail somehow. Your squat is only 10% behind your deadlift, which is pretty normal, it’s not like your squat is lagging at all. Some minor technical adjustments can help, but the main thing is just to get stronger overall.

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The other common cue similar to this is “screw your feet into the floor” or “claw/twist the floor”, I find that works better for me. But Nate squats close to 800, so he knows a thing or two.

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:red_circle: :red_circle: :red_circle:

Reason: Athlete put bar down before “down” command was given

Just playin, (for real tho). Looks like it’s not being held that long at the top (it is for reps after all tho), and I agree with Chris with the ramping. Minor fixes

Speaking of which, I’m gonna be reffing for the first time in like 2 weeks


Ok, thanks for the input!