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Would This Be an Accurate Representation of Bodybuilders?


Would you guess this picture to me that the reputation of bodybuilders?


Yes, I would guess this picture to you.


No, I would not guess this picture to you.


But would you tell this picture to him?


I might whisper that picture to someone.


I accidentally the picture to you.


Only if you that to reputation of bodybuilders.


have you tried guessing this picture to her?


I guessed to bodybuilder representing.


Asshole, you're going to reputation his guess.


Maybe we should nice the OP, otherwise he might a bad.


I'm laughing to hard to type anything remotely witty.



I would venture to guess this not picture is to me completely representative of bodybuilder and their reputation. That is all.


With my yrs of expertise id venture to say yes, that is a picture. Correct me if im wrong.


Me guess you boss tell you to take me out doing whatever I want!


but does he afraid of anything?


Yes, of typing anything remotely bodybuilding.


Does anything afraid of him?




But is it to picture a bodybuilder?